The Best Personal Finance Blogs In The Universe

I read a lot of personal finance blogs.  I’ve read some great ones, and I’ve read some poor ones. To help you sort through the many options that are available, I’ve outline my current “favorites” in the universe of personal finance blogs. All of the sites listed below are available at no cost.

It’s amazing what information is available if you take the time to read. Pick a few that sound interesting to you and get started.  By consistently scanning relevant information, you’ll be amazed how much you learn in a short amount of time.

Investor Junkie

2015 Plutus Award winner for “Best Investing Blog”, a huge honor in the crowded space of finance blogs.  This site has great content and resources, and is currently my favorite blog (besides “The Retirement Manifeso”, of course!).


Money For The Rest Of Us

David Stein, the author, was a portfolio strategist for a hedge fund prior to writing this blog. This is a close “second favorite”, with a first class podcast and a website full of useful spreadsheets created by the author.


The Penny Hoarder

A great site for provoking thoughts on ways to improve your financial situation, with tons of tips on how to generate more income, save more money and invest it well.


My Money Blog

Written by  mid-30’s father with a new baby girl, this author has been writing for 9 years, has a following of over 13,000 readers and focuses on a wide range of financial planning concepts.   Broad coverage of information presented in easy to understand language.


About Money

A very good site with numerous contributors, a truly “major league” site covering all aspects of personal finance.


Get Rich Slowly

A broad coverage blog originally started by JD Roth (infamous early retiree), no run by a larger organization and a wider staff of writers.  Includes frequent comparison shopping of CD rates, also includes interesting “forum” for online chatting about personal finance topics.


Seeking Alpha

This is a more “hardcore” site aimed at detailed equity evaluation.  What I like about the site is the ability to set up detailed screening criteria, so only articles of interest are delivered to your inbox.  There are some brilliant writers on the site, with strong technical analysis and insightful commentary.


Financial Samurai

With a theme of “achieving financial freedom sooner, rather than later”,  this blog focuses on steps to accelerate your retirement but includes broader based articles.  Written by an early retiree who “retired” after 13 years in corporate america, this site gets over 650,000 unique visitors per month.

Do you have any favorites to add to the list??  Feel free to leave comments with any blogs you currently read – I’d love to find some new favorites!



    1. It’s an honor, well earned. I sincerely enjoy your blog! Thanks for the comment, keep up the good work!

  1. I think Trent Hamm does a good job at Apparently he still has some creative control and the site was bought a while back. Still a good blog.

    1. Brad – thanks for the tip on I wasn’t familiar with the site, but have just reviewed it and agree it’s worthy of consideration on the “best of” list. Readers, I encourage you to check it out!

  2. The fact is, that I have got many valuable tips from personal finance blogs. They are the source of testimonials, which have better value than the finance press tips. Even the odd ones makes me to think.

  3. No Mr. Money Mustache?!? I told my wife if I ever get run over by the beer truck to read his blog end to end. Kind of like a free and 10x more valuable financial planning resource than anywhere else, in my humble opinion. 🤓

  4. Hey Fritz, I think it’s time to upgrade our list and you should include some more Finance Blogs which are helping millions of people’s worldwide. BTW list is amazing and I personally follow few blogs on this list (ThePennyHoarder, MyMoneyBlog, And GetRichSlowly). These blogs are not only helping people to learn about personal finance also making them financially independent by sharing good strategic points.
    You can also include in the list. Hoping for an updated list soon.

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