I Know A Lot Of Nerds

Ok, I’ll admit it’s a clickbait title.  It worked though, right?  Sometimes it’s ok to have a little fun, and I’m doing that with today’s post.  But, as is the case with all of my posts, there’s a method behind my madness.  Trust me when I say that you’re going to get a huge dose of help today.  (And by huge, I mean HUGE.  This one ended being my longest ever post, perhaps even “Epic”, at 4,595 words!  Please give it a scan, or at LEAST look at the pics!  🙂 

What you do with it is up to you, it’s all only a click away (as you’ll see at the bottom of this post).

My Nerdy Friends Can Help You

Today I’d like to introduce you to a bunch of nerds.  They’re really cool nerds, though, and I consider them friends.  I should add one word to their description – they’re MONEY nerds, and they’re not all that nerdy (is nerdy even a word?).  Most of them are actually very cool.  And, very smart.

And very good with money.

The Nerds I Know Are All About Helping People! #FinCon17 Click To Tweet

I made a decision when I started this post which I now regret.

I decided to write two sentences about every friend I spent time with last week.  It was a brilliant idea.

It was an idiotic idea.

I got in over my head but pulled it off a bit late in the race.  It’s a long one, but it’s worth it.  My purpose for this blog is to Help People Achieve A Great Retirement.  I can guarantee you that my nerdy friends will help you to accomplish this goal.   The nerds I know are all about helping people.  It’s what they do.  Today, I’m proud to introduce them to you.

To help you get to know them, I’ve linked to 46 of my money nerdy friends at the bottom of this post (trust me, it took me FOREVER to put that list together, I hope it benefits you!).  Look it over, I’m sure you’ll find someone who creates content that you’ll benefit from.   They’re my friends, and I’d like you to meet them.  Click on a few when you get to the bottom, ok?  (Just don’t go there yet, there’s some good stuff in between 🙂

The Bottom Line:  We all want to help people.  As an example of what we do, witness the following event that happened when I was with my nerdy friends, which was promptly announced to the world via Twitter (thanks, Pete, ha):

Changing A Life

(Not A Drug Deal, Just People Helping People)

The story behind the picture:  Pete, me and 2 other nerdy friends were intent on helping an Uber driver get his life together.  The guy picked us up after dinner, and we had an awesome chat with him about how to get his money life right.  Bottom line – we gang tackled the poor guy, but with the best of intentions!  I think he liked it (either that, or he was just scared to death of us and trying to be nice to get us out of his car.). We gave him our cards, and I really hope to hear from him soon (Hey Uber driver, if you’re reading this, send me a note, please?)  

PS: If you want to read another conspirator’s account of the alleged events, click here)

Trust me, all of my nerd friends love to help strangers, and they’d be more than happy to help you along your path.  I’ll introduce them to you below, along with links to their sites.  Check them out, you won’t regret it!

Photo used with permission from FinCon (Thanks, PT!)

FinCon17 (aka “A Group of Nerds Does Dallas”)

I kind of like this section’s title, and considered putting it way up top where everyone would see it.  Too Racy, I decided, so I went instead with the nerdy clickbait for the headline.   Best to bury this dangerous one down here where no one’s reading anymore (hey, you still reading? Just a pop quiz! “Epic”, right?).  But I digress…..

I’ve been blogging for 2 1/2 years, and in all that time I’ve only met two bloggers in “real life”.  A reality virtuality of the blogosphere is that most of us are “virtual friends”.  The blogging community is hard to understand unless you’re a blogger. It’s something I had no idea existed before I started to write, and it’s one of the surprised I’ve liked most about blogging.

It’s cool.

While we’re “virtual friends”, we’re also “real” friends.  I know these people, and they know me.  I know what they’re going through in life, and we’re sharing our journies along the way.

On Oct 25-27th, I met my nerdy virtual friends in real life, for the first time.

1,700 of them, Live And In Person!  Yes, overwhelming.  But also, and more importantly, exhilarating, stimulating, supportive and thought-provoking.  For 3 days we talked ourselves hoarse about all things $$ and blogging (literally, just ask my wife, who tolerated my hoarse whisper when I called home). Yep, 3 intense 15-hour days of energizing (and exhausting) talks about money, about life, about stuff that matters.  Helping People.

I met my nerdy money friends for the first time at #FinCon17, and we're changing the world! Click To Tweet

The Man Who Made It Possible

My first shoutout is to PT Money, the man behind FinCon.  This guy had a vision, and he took action.  For too long, blogger friendships were “virtual”, and he saw fit to make it real.  Back in 2011, he came up with the idea of putting on a financial bloggers conference, and it’s exploded in the years since.

Thanks, PT, for making it happen.  We owe it all to you.  It was great meeting you by the escalator, and being able to tell you in person how much your efforts mean to our community.

Rockstars Vs. Rookies

Like all cultures, there’s a fascinating and informal sort of class structure in the blogging world.  Many are newbies, just starting out (I met a guy who started his blog THE DAY BEFORE FinCon.  Keep at it, my newbie friends, and keep cranking out great content.  Someone besides your Mom will, at some point, read your posts!).

Some are “teenagers”, and they’re starting to drive.  Some are more laid back, and content to just stroll in the garden, using their blog as a creative outlet. Some are hustling and making a living at it, and have actually quit their jobs to write full time.  

And Some….Are Rockstars. 

The ones who are crushing it are retiring to blinding Airstreams at the Age of 35 (Hey, Steve!).  Some get all their income online, sport Mohawks and lead tribes (Hey J$, more on you in a sec…)

We All Get Along

The awesome thing about the community is that we all get along.  It doesn’t matter your “class” status, your nationality, your political beliefs.  It’s one of the few remaining non-political places in the world where folks can honestly disagree, yet still get along.  Ah, if only our world could learn from this community.

Rich or Poor, Black or White, Young Or Old. We All Get Along. The World Could Learn A Lesson. Click To Tweet

I hope the World can.

I’m hoping it will.

There’s no bigger Rockstar than J$, the man behind Rockstar Finance and Budgets Are Sexy.  He’s the dude everyone knows, is ALWAYS surrounded by a crowd, and sports a Mohawk which other bloggers have been known to replicate – hi RouteToRetire!).  He’s also one of the friendliest folks you’ll ever meet.  It was so cool to have him hang with us for a few hours one afternoon at FinCon:

J$ is 2nd in on Right, The Chief among our tribe of Nerds. BTW, What’s with the pumpkins?

Another Rockstar I had the privilege of meeting was David Bach, author of nine consecutive New York Time bestselling books on personal finance with over 7 MILLION copies in print!.

This guy is HUGE, and yet he’s amazingly humble.

He had “his people” line up a few 1-on-1 half-hour sessions, just so he could get to know some blogging folks. I’m sincerely not bragging, but just saying I was BLOWN AWAY when I got an email asking if I was available for a private meeting with him!   Without having any idea of his agenda, I strolled into our meeting and was immediately enchanted by his style.  There’s a reason this guy is huge, and I feel privileged beyond words to have had the opportunity to chat with him in a relaxed environment.  It demonstrates his humility, and his desire to connect with people. He’s encouraging and sincerely wants to improve peoples lives.  He’s impacting millions.  He’s impacted me.  Read his stuff, and he’ll impact you.

Do me a favor, click this link and buy at least one of his books (I’d suggest The Automatic Millionaire).  You won’t be disappointed, and I get no compensation from the click.  It’s just a small way to say thanks to David for his time, and to help you, the reader,  on your journey through your lives.  I hope the ideas David and I discussed come to fruition, and am honored beyond words to have made his acquaintance.

David Bach, sporting a killer t-shirt!

By the way, David was a Keynote speaker at the event and absolutely blew everybody away with his presentation.  This guy REALLY wants to change the world and motivated us all to do the same.  For fun, he took this selfie from the stage, and blasted it out on his Twitter account:

Just A Guy, trying to help people.

The Biggest Rockstar – A Reader Named Sri

One of the highlights of my week was having a reader come up to me and express how much my work meant to him.  His name was Sri, and we spent a fair bit of time together.  I wish I’d have taken a pic with him to share with you (Hey, Sri, if you read this, can you pls send me the selfie you took with me?  I’d love to have it!).   Sri doesn’t blog but bought a pass to FinCon just so he could hang out with some of the bloggers he follows.  How cool is that?  Sri helped me more than he likely realizes, so I’d like to say “Thanks, Sri” for the impact you had.  (Post-production update – I just got an email from SRI!!  He sent me the selfie!!  Thanks, Sri – included below, with the ever-stylish pumpkin head as requested!  Thanks for responding, and thanks again for your support!)

Darren Rowse, you’ll be glad to hear that I now know my Reader Avatar, and I’ve decided to name him Sri.  For those who don’t know, Darren’s ProBlogger podcast is an amazing resource.  I’ve listened to his podcast for years, and he’s had a huge impact on my blog (thanks, Darren, for the 30 Day Challenge!).  Darren absolutely blew away everyone at FinCon with his Keynote address on Day 2 of the conference.  Thanks for coming over, Darren, you’re making a difference in the World!

Every time I write, I think of my readers.  One of the things I love most about blogging is knowing that I’m actually making a difference.  Thank you for that, Sri.  And thanks to each of you, my readers.  I can’t express my gratitude for the encouragement I get from all of your notes, emails, and comments about the difference these words are having in your lives.  It’s why I write, and it’s why Sri was The Biggest Rockstar.

Lessons Learned

In addition to the networking, there was an overwhelming selection of education sessions aimed at helping folks improve their blogs.  I attended the ones that interested me the most but missed some when I got caught up in great conversation with my new friends (I took newbie advice to prioritize the conversations, I’ll catch the sessions I missed when they come out in video!.).

I took notes on my phone via the Google Keep app and wrote 20 specific actionable items over the course of the conference.  The biggest score was a breakfast chat with Max Your Freedom & Route To Retire, where I logged 5 action items in 30 minutes,  consuming the awesome advice those two guys were spewing alongside their bacon.  Things like why bloggers should set up an LLC, and how to go about it.  Things like the importance of disclaimers (which I just added to my site today, 1 item checked off my list!).  I even ordered a book about video editing on the spot (gotta love hate Amazon’s “One Click” buy!) when it was suggested by Waffles On Wednesday (I also put a date on my calendar, but more on that later, thanks WOW.)

Great lessons, great resources, great growth in my blogging knowledge.

The Money Nerd Directory

As I started working on this section, I realized I’d made a mistake in today’s blog.  I was in over my head, but I had no choice but to hike forward, the path was clear:

About halfway in, I realized I really didn't want to attempt this, but I was committed. Click To Tweet

The result of the nonsensical self-imposed work is a  ~2 sentence summary of each of the bloggers/podcasters who I spent time with.  Just look at the length of the list and you’ll get an appreciation for what FinCon is all about.  I’ve counted 46 links in this article, and those are just the folks that I felt I really connected with during the conference.  Amazing, right?

Apologies in advance for the many bloggers I WILL miss in this list, forgive my early onset Alzheimers.  I tried to capture only those I had significant talks with, and somehow I omitted you from my list.  You’re still my friend (please?), just appreciate that my brain went into overload when tried to think of everyone I met.  There were  MANY others where we just say “Hi”, and I sincerely enjoyed meeting you.  (I should have grabbed cards from each and every one of you!  If you’re offended tag me in a Tweet and I’ll add you to the list!).

Click a few of the links to my nerdy friends, and check them out.  Trust me, you won’t regret it!

The Blogging Nerds

  • Mrs. Adventure Rich:  The first blogger I ran into, at the reception desk!  Feeling special that I’m the only one that knows her real name!  I love Northern Michigan!  Wink.
  • Mr. PIE:  The second blogger I met, who darted over to meet me as soon as I’d checked in.  We’re racing each other to the “starting line” of retirement, looks like I’ll beat him by a month.  Great chat over coffee on stuff that matters, glad to see you’re starting to blog a bit again, happy to have you back!
  • Apathy Ends:  3rd blogger in as many minutes when he recognized me by the elevator.  Secrets on how he got 9k Twitter followers!  Funny how 3 anonymous bloggers recognized me – the benefits of transparency! (just don’t tell my secrets on talking trash to PoF.  Oh wait….too late!)
  • RouteToRetire:  Cool to meet the guy who has been so helpful via email.  I thought he was smart until he gave himself a Mohawk and took on the new nic of Jim$.  This guy’s gonna help me write a book!  Love ya, man!
  • Max Your Freedom:  A very cool blogger who can relate to corporate politics.  We totally hit it off.
  • ESI Money:  A guy I’ve considered a friend for a long time, and one of the “must meets” on my list.  He was as great in person as he is online.  This guy is going places, and he’s a great mentor walking the path ahead of me.
  • Ms. Montana:  One of my favorite writers, this retired Mom of 5 is, in a word, amazing.
  • NordsThis guy is my idol.  He lives in Hawaii and surfs every day.  He’s earned it.  He’s crushing it with his writing and donates all proceeds to Wounded Warrior.  He’s a legend, and I’m proud to call him a friend.  BTW, I bought my daughter his book, I hope she reads it.
  •  J.D. Roth – Get Rich Slowly (welcome back, JD!).  A true legend, who I met after we missed our lunch date last year ‘cuz we were in the wrong State!!  Great to finally meet you, J.D.  Glad to have you back at GRS, and I have SERIOUS “office envy” over your new writer’s shed!  Proud to call you a friend.
  • Optimize Your Life:  Matt is a guy who’s done amazing things (a trial attorney who’s worked in a prison commissary?  Yep, done that).  It’s fascinating the diversity of folks you meet, and Matt’s a great example.
  • Seth Drebitko:   Seth’s a guy with a VLog, and he seems to be a guy who really thinks things through.
  • Louis DeNicola:  A full-time Freelance writer, who filled me in on the details.  He’s even followed up with some leads since.  This guy’s CRUSHING it with full-time writing.  A true inspiration.  Thanks for the help, Louis!
  • Fiery Millenial:  Finally, I met the legendary Gwen.  She’s everything, and more.  Sorry the landlord thing has turned into a (fascinating, but ugly) drama.  And…sorry about your cold (coughcough).
  • Miss Mazuma:  The epitome of energy, an upbeat flight attendant who’s hiked the Camino de Santiago 5 times! She’s eclectic, and she writes about a lot of things beyond money as she goes through the journey of life.
  • ThinkSaveRetire:  It Finally Happened, I met the couple who made national news by retiring at Age 35.  In the flesh.  Love ya, Steve & Courtney!  Looking forward to parking by your blinding Airstream in the near future!
  • Physician On Fire:  This guy is amazing.  He intentionally downshifted his life Oct 1 by going to PART TIME, giving up big doctor $$ to spend time with his family.  He donated $100k last year, and he’s a class act. (hope you enjoyed the jabbing during the medical prez?  All in good fun. Wink).
  • KeepThrifty:  Chris is a fascinating guy who sleeps on the floor.  Really.  Hey Chris, maybe that’s why your wife’s back is jacked up?  He’s also created a very cool spending tracker app that I’m trying out.  Yes, he built an app!
  • I Dream Of Fire I had the pleasure of sitting next to this guy at a dinner, and really enjoyed the stories of what it’s like to move to Utah as an outsider, as well as discovering FIRE at a later age than most. If you’re ~40 and trying to figure it all out, check out this guy.  He’s living it.
  • Make Smarter Decisions:  Vicki is someone I’ve wanted to meet for a long time, and I got the bonus of meeting her awesome husband to boot!  Poor folks, living in an RV while their house gets destroyed remodeled.
  • LifeZemplified:  Amy was the first blogger I’ve ever met, and it was great to see her again.  She seems to always be in the middle of a crowd and is always upbeat and encouraging.  I appreciate your friendship, Amy!
  • Pete McPherson:  Ok, this is really “small world” – turns out Pete and I worked in the SAME BUILDING for several years, on different floors and for different companies.  Nice chat about where he’s at in life, and I enjoyed getting to know him for the first time.  #AllianceEnvy.  You now know how to make the $$, Pete!
  • Wealth Well Done:  Can you imagine driving down from Minnesota to Texas for #FinCon17?  WWD can because he did it.  With his family!  Even worse, he had to go down to Austin to pick them up after FinCon.  #MarathonMan.  You’re my hero, WWD!  Great to spend some time with you.
  • Mrs. Bita – What a pleasure to meet Mrs. Bita, the extraordinarily witty mind behind Bayalis Is The Answer.  A quirky post, with a real tone.  After meeting Mrs. B, I can see why.  I wish I could clone her mind.
  • Northern Expenditure – Too short a visit with Mr. & Mrs. NE, but a real treat to at least see these bloggers whose posts about Alaska tug at my heart every time I read them.  Memories of my summer at Glacier Bay National Park, and a reason Northern Expenditure has always had a special place in my heart.  If you love the North, read them.
  • Waffles On Wednesday – Mr. & Mrs. WOW were amazing.  They’ve even inspired me to put an appointment on my calendar for the first Wed after I retire.  Yep, I’m going to have waffles.  Check out their awesome site to understand why.  BTW, thanks for the tip on the video book, can’t help but think about “3 seconds” every time I see anything on film.  You’re absolutely right, and now it’s driving me crazy!   Too bad I crashed my drone! 🙂
  • Financial Panther:  Wow, these guys are sharp.  No wonder they have 12k Twitter followers!  Only one word to my new friends:  “Skip the post, and carve out time to write that guest post!”.  Smiles. Great chatting with you.
  • 1500 Days:  I don’t know what Carl sounds like because he was hoarse by the time I met him.  This guy knows EVERYBODY, and he’s one of the more popular bloggers around.  Now that I know him, I know why.
  • Chief Mom Officer:  A fellow Plutus Award Finalist, “Mom” is the epitome of a working Mom who’s crushing it.  Check out her stuff if you’re a female breadwinner, her series on 6-Figure Moms is inspiring.
  • My Family On A Budget:  Steve is a guy I’ve wanted to meet for a long time, and I knew him the instant I saw him.  We hit it off immediately, and I’m honored to have him as a friend.  He’s the guy that proves that Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University really works.  He’s also the only guy I know who smiles more than I do.
  • Slowly Sipping Coffee:  I wasn’t that familiar with SSC, but since he’s a friend of a friend (Hi Mr. PIE), he quickly became a friend of mine.  He’s plotting his escape to the mountains, and he’ll teach you the path to Financial Independence.  Plus, he’s a heckuva nice guy!
  • KvD:  The genius Swede behind the FinTech leading application KINFO, Karl came all the way from Sweden to compete in the FinTech competition.  He’s written a great app, and it was great to finally meet him (even if, for some strange reason, no one could understand him when he said his name.  Karl’s easy, right?)
  • Coach Carson:  If you want to know about real estate investing, this guy is the place to go.  He’ll “coach” you to financial independence, as he’s doing for 6,233 others (Wow, that’s a huge subscriber list!).  Heckuva nice guy, too.  Great to finally meet you, Coach, hope my lead pans out for you (if you want it).
  • Tawcan:  This guy, a Taiwanese Canadian (Tawcan, get it?) has an amazing story to tell.  He doesn’t talk about his “day job”, so I can’t share it with you, but I’m blown away.  This guy is changing the world, literally.  Great to finally meet you, Tawcan, and to learn what you’re all about.  One word:  Wow.
  • New Retirement:  I’ve traded emails with this guy for quite a while, and am a big fan of the retirement calculator he’s created.  If you’re curious whether you’re on the right path to retirement, you’ve got to check it out.
  • Physician Wealth Services – If you’re a doctor and you want someone to help with your finances, look up Ryan.  He’s a financial planner who specializes in the issues doctors face, and he knows what he’s talking about. He’s also the only person in the world who has filming me twirling a waiter’s tray.
  • The Wealthy Accountant:  Which blogger has the biggest net-worth?  Yep, it’s this guy, at ~$12M.  More importantly, he’s got great stuff as evidenced by his winning of the Plutus Award for best new blog.  I’ll always remember the chat on the back deck with you and Nords.  Fascinating stuff.
  • The Groovies! My Trash-talking hippy friends didn’t make it to FinCon, but we weren’t going to let them off that easily.  After a gang tackle phone call during a dinner one night, they made a surprise appearance at the final night’s costume party.  Then again, that may have just been MSD in disguise?  Missed you, my friends.

The Podcasting Nerds

I’ve enjoyed podcasts for years, and owe much of my financial education to the folks below.  What an honor to meet each of them at FinCon, and spend time chatting with the folks who have impacted my life.  I’ve enjoyed being on each of the podcasts shown below (see links to my podcast episodes here), and look forward to my episode with Rocky in the coming weeks.

  • Retirement Answer Man:  Roger Whitney was the first person I met in the financial “network”, and I owe this blog in large part to him.  Thanks for your support, Roger.  More importantly, thanks for your friendship.  I forgive you for winning that Plutus…again (Congrats)!
  • Stacking Benjamins:  The Plutus Award winner for Podcast Of The Year, for good reason.  Joe Saul-Sehy is hilarious, even when he did calls me out in front of a roomful of folks for renaming his seminar “How to get rich without doing any work”.  Still love me, Joe?  Thanks for letting me be on your Roudtable!
  • ChooseFI:  Jonathon & Brad are absolutely CRUSHING it with this podcast, and now I know why.  Jonathon’s brain has more ideas than anyone I’ve ever met.  Lighting. They’re going places, fast.  Quick, jump on their train.  Brad, thanks for your note, wish we could have spent more time together, too.
  • Retirement Starts Today:  I feel like I’ve been friends with Benjamin for a long time, back to when we collaborated on Serenity.  Spending time learning about his life was inspirational, especially his story on the foster kids they’re raising (hope they get over the Colic soon).  He’s a solid guy, and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to finally meet him.
  • Radical Personal Finance:  Joshua Sheats has more letters behind his name than anyone on earth.  Now he’s using that wealth of knowledge to the benefit of a huge listener base, with over 500 episodes to date (Thanks, Joshua, for your kind words about me in your Anniversary edition!).  His range of topics is wider than anyone I know, and almost every episode really makes me think.  Great to talk to you about our futures, Joshua.  F450, really?  Wink. Keep up the great work, looking forward to talking with you again soon!
  • Rocky Lalvani:  I “knew” Rocky before he started his podcast, and it was great to finally meet him in person.  His eyes sparkle with enthusiasm, and I’m looking forward to appearing on his podcast in the near future.  Stay tuned!  Thanks for the opportunity, Rocky, and thanks for your friendship.
  • Jessica Moorhouse:  My favorite Canadian Podcaster (full disclosure, the only Canadian podcaster I know!), Jessica’s crushing it with her Mo’ Money Podcast.  If you’re a Millenial who wants to learn how to do it right, subscribe to her show!  I still can’t believe you bought a house!  Thanks for having me on your show!

If you’d like to read what other bloggers had to write about their FinCon experience, click this link from my friend Physician On Fire for a complete listing of ~30 articles written to date. It’s a long list, this conference impacted a lot of people.


Whew, this one’s BIG.  At 4,595 words, it’s my longest post to date.  As my friend said, it just may be “Epic.   I’ll boil it all down into two key takeaways:

# 1:  There are a lot of great bloggers and podcasters out there. Explore, find a few that fit where you’re at in life, and continue to expand your knowledge.  They’re smart folks, even if they are nerds.

# 2: Find something you can start working on before you retire that will provide you with a sense of “community” after you’ve left the workplace.  If you’re already retired, never stop working to build social connections.  They’re important.  I value the community of bloggers.  I value my friends.

I hope you benefit from the words of others, together we can all learn to Achieve A Great Retirement.


  1. I love that you took so much time to share your FinCon experience! I was pretty overwhelmed when we got home (maybe it’s looking at that structure outside the camper window!) I was having a hard time explaining to people just what we experienced. I value my blogger friends too. And I’m so glad we finally met. Thanks for being the leader of our crew!

  2. I was so close to posting my FinCon recap today but WordPress glitched!! Poop. You didn’t mention if you’re going next year or not (or did you?? It was a loooong post. 😉 ). By then you will be officially retired, right?! Bring your wife and let’s make sure the Groovy’s join the fun as well!! Hopefully the weather is much better in Orlando than it was in Dallas. 🙂

    1. Sorry about your glitch. I’ve got an in with The Russians, had to do whatever necessary to beat you to the punch! Not sure yet if I’m going in ’18. I will, indeed, be officially retired, and need to figure out what that looks like. Wife and I talking about flying our daughter down for a week at Disney/Camping, a lot of balls in the air at the moment. We’ll keep you posted!

  3. Happy to have finally met you, Fritz, and you will be happy to know I have fully recovered from your playful jabs.

    I think I may have overscheduled my evenings a bit. I have to admit I was jealous when I heard you were all headed out to the breweries — and even more jealous the next day when I heard someone was comping the beers!

    See you in Orlando.


    1. The pleasure of meeting was all mine. No doubt, the way to “do” FinCon is to keep it relaxed and go with the flow. I had nothing scheduled other than an awesome dinner with some podcasting friends, swam downstream the rest of the time.

  4. Happy to have met you and chat!! Excited to see the outcome of your video editing skills. Once you get a new drone RIP 🙁

    Well done on the post and keep us up to date with the waffle date so we can join in on the fun!!!

    Happy video editing!!

    1. SOOO excited to get into video editing! Book looks GREAT! 3 seconds on my brain…

      Good thing Black Friday is coming, right? A new drone may well be in my future. Gotta have the tools for the trade, right? (BTW, you’d have LOVED the video of the low flyover of the rapids, with the Fall colors all around. Still upset that I lost that footage!)

  5. Thanks for such an exhilarating post, Fritz! Every community has an unofficial mayor. I hope PT doesn’t mind, but I dub thee the unofficial people’s choice mayor of FinCon17.

    Thanks for mentioning us here. But even more, thanks for calling us on Friday night and giving us the opportunity to chat with you and a dozen other blogger friends at FinCon. You made us feel special.

    Talk soon, friend!

    1. Ugh, I really, really don’t want to be Mayor. I hate small town politics (with 1,700 residents, I think that makes us a small town, right?). It was a blast to talk with you, so glad we did that. BTW, you ARE special!

  6. I can’t believe we didn’t connect this year. I saw you a few times and said “I gotta say hi”, but something always came up. Place was too distracting. 2018 man, and I want a hug.


    1. Virtual hug comin’ at you, HP! Saw you’re on ChooseFI this week, have it in my Queue! My loss that we missed each other, I can TOTALLY relate to “something came up….distracting”. Wow, does THAT define FinCon! Found you’ve GOT to cut out and grab a coffee at a corner table to really TALK with someone! We’ll catch each other soon, need all the Happy Philosophy I can get!

      1. Dude, you are going to have total FOMO after hearing that podcast, lol!

        I hear you though, some of the best conversations were when I just sat down to relax and started talking to someone else just trying to get away.

  7. Great recap Fritz! I finished it on my ride home from work…. Thank goodness it was a long ride… I’m a slow reader! Lots of great info to dig into and read. Thanks so much for ask the resources. Hour to meet in person someday.

    1. LOVE knowing folks are reading this stuff during commutes (Hope you weren’t driving!!). I really meant for this to be a “resource” drove for my readers, I sincerely hope you find it useful. Good folks, those bloggers!

  8. Man, you weren’t kidding around, Fritz. How about we make a deal: You have to come to FinCon18, but you don’t have to write an opus about it. Who’s with me?

    1. Lol, DiC. Trust me, I’ve only got one of these in me. Even if I make FinCon18, don’t hold your breath for another post like this! This is one for the archives, never to be repeated! #Don’tLikeToFryMyselfIfIDon’tHaveTo.

  9. I know this post is a poor substitute for actually being at FinCon, but I think it does a terrific job of conveying just how special this annual get-together of money nerds is. So many amazing people under one roof! Can’t wait for FinCon 18, although I fear for the health of my voice. Thanks for including me and Mrs G in this awesome roundup. We’re truly honored. Talk to you soon, my friend.

    1. Thanks, Mr. G. You KNOW you’re part of the community. Sorry you couldn’t make FinCon17, hope the phone call was a small consolation, you were there in our hearts. Fear For The Voice, it’s brutal (rookie mistake, no lozenges…learn from that!)

  10. Thanks for buying your daughter my book, Fritz, and she’s welcome to ask me questions or give me feedback!

    I think you’re one of the reasons my Twitter followers jumped up 5% in the last couple weeks…

    1. Nords, great meeting you, really enjoyed the chat on the patio w/ The Wealthy Accountant. I’ve learned a lot from you, and I like your attitude of “less is more” in retirement. Hope we get the chance to surf sometime (we’ll consider the lessons as “payment in full” for the Twitter boost! 😉

  11. Wow, this is really one awesome post, Fritz! And believe it or not, I read every word of it!

    It really shows what kind of guy you are in that you can actually write a couple sentences on every person you meet at FinCon. When I grow up, I want to be as caring of a guy as you are!

    I’m so glad we got to meet up and spend some quality time on this trip. You’re a blast to be around and I can’t wait to do it all over again in Orlando!

    — Jim

  12. Man, I wish we could’ve hung out more but there were soo many people to connect with! Should totally have a smiling contest lol! I was in total groupie mode meeting so many others that I had only learned about online! Can’t wait to do it all again in Orlando next year! Definitely going to buy you coffee or something so I can learn more from you! Or maybe I’ll just watch you swim lol!

  13. Hey Fritz,

    Yep the post is a kickass one. Just like FinCon.
    It was fantastic to do beers, coffee, chat and phone calls to the Groovies via the Fritz hotline. What a ton of fun. Your energy and infectious enthusiasm shone through the whole meeting. A pleasure spending time with you.

    Reading the write up is like being there all over again!!


    Mr. PIE

  14. Great write up! That’s pretty awesome you were able to teach the Uber driver about personal finance. It was amazing to meet you in person and other various bloggers. Man it was such a big money nerd fest, I loved every minute of it.

  15. Epic doesn’t begin to cover it. Magnum Opus perhaps?

    I enjoyed meeting you Fritz, and I hope we run into each other again sometime in the big, bad, and very real world.

    1. Magnum Opus: a large and important work of art, music, or literature, especially one regarded as the most important work of an artist or writer.

      Gees, you just had to make me look that up, didn’t you Mrs. BITA? Great chatting with you, love your stuff!

      1. He’s not bringing THAT much hair. A good case for making the best of what you’ve got left. (from one balding blogger to another… Cheers!) 🙂

  16. I read all the words!

    2 things

    1 – lovely meeting you. Seriously.
    2 – Great post
    3 – I can’t count
    4 – Let’s hangout in BH or BR sometime soon?


  17. Love the thoughtful and thorough post. It’s endeavors like this that make me say that I’m going to do hard things on Twitter so that I will feel shamed into actually following through when it gets difficult and I feel like I am over my head.

    It was great meeting you and getting to hang and chat. Sorry I didn’t end up getting to the brewery with you guys! I swear I thought that’s where my group was going until we arrived somewhere totally different!

    1. I was definitely in over my head with this one, Matt! I just kept swimming til I got to the shore. You missed an awesome dinner at that place, but I totally get it (funny how groups just ebb and flow…like tadpoles in a pond!).

  18. Epic doesn’t begin to cover this post! Excellent recap and roundup of bloggers. I avae this bookmarked so I can find some more “new” blogs to check out.

    It was great hanging out and getting to meet you. Who would have guessed the Kentucky connection huh? I think next year may be more productive since I may not be in as much of a fanboy/groupie mode and won’t be nearly as shy about talking to people.

    1. I think I prefer Mrs. BITA’s Magnus Opis, though I don’t think it achieved that level – btw, that MAY just be the title of a future post, hint. hint. (And don’t worry if you don’t know what it means. I’ll admit, I had to look it up, too).

  19. Fritz, first things first:
    You wuz robbed on that PLUTUS award! 😉
    Second–you are so generous to include so many in your comments and we all benefit. You have introduced me to some fantastic resources such as Rockstar Finance and Your Money-Your Wealth out of San Diego. I didn’t know about them until you appeared on their show. They are an awesome resource for those of us on a more traditional retirement path.
    Thank you so much and all best wishes.

    1. Cyn, nice to see you back with another of your awesome comments.

      First, I was HONORED to have been a Finalist, an award selected by my peers of which I am most proud. I never expected to win, and I’m sincerely happy for my friend who won (Roger Whitney) – he’s the one that I owe this blog to, seriously. We go way back, and I’m happy for his success. It’s really a supportive community, and not as competitive as some may think. I really like it for that reason.

      Second, thanks for acknowledging the effort required for this post. It was massive. I’m glad to hear my work is leading you to other great resources on retirement planning, that’s what I’m here for! Thx again for your comment, I always love to hear from readers.

    1. MARIAN!! I owe it all to you! Thanks SO much for your role in the meeting, I’m am sincerely honored beyond words to have had the opportunity to spend 30 mins of quality 1-on-1 time to David. I know you had a role in that, and for that I am eternally thankful. Thanks for reading my site!

  20. Fritz Sounds like a great gathering of like minded bloggers. Bouncing ideas off one another generates awesome creativity. There are some fantastic bloggers across the pond….maybe we should start a FinCon Europe! Many thanks for including so many links to legendary bloggers. All the best.

    1. You can’t imagine it, Ian, until you’ve experienced it. I’d strongly encourage you to discuss the idea with PT. I’ll send him a copy of your comment in a Tweet, I’ll copy you in. We should really pursue that, it’s an awesome idea. It’d be a TON of work for somebody, you up for helping out?

  21. Bahahaha! You’re brave with writing about each friend made at FinCon! I’m still having trouble keeping everyone straight in my brain. It was so much fun! I booked tickets and hotel for Orlando and I can’t wait!

  22. Thx for all the words… Glad that you had so much fun at Fincon! It is on my list for the coming years! And I hope to meet you one day.

    Meeting people out of the community in real life is great. We had our Belgium Netherlands meetup for the 4th time already. Great time and interactions. On to the next

    1. Hey Amber, you’ll have to work above with Ian to help organize a European FinCon (see the comments above). Reach out to Ian if you’re serious, let’s see if we can get something going. I’m going to text the comments to PT. Who knows…. Glad you’re having a local meetup, sounds like it’s really gotten traction there. Good stuff – the future home base of Europe’s FinCon?

  23. Fritz, you´re the man! Loved reading this, what a great recap and thanks for the shout out!

    It was great to meet you in person, I am already looking forward to next year!

    1. It was nice spending time with you, KvD. I’m blown away by your technical capabilities, I had no idea you were so brilliant. I hope you consider our chat about potentially developing your technical support offerings to the blogging community as a side hustle. I think you could crush it. You’ve got some real skill. Nice talking with you!

    1. I was, kinda, wasn’t I. What a blast meeting friends face-to-face, including you! Good luck with the lead, if it’s something that interests you. No problem if it’s not. Your call, the benefit of having the ability to say “No” is hereby granted. Love your stuff.

  24. Yup, it was a bit of a nerdfest, wasn’t it?
    I loved it. Never felt so at home! What does that say about me? Scratch that question.
    Where else can you talk about personal finance and blogging until 1 AM?
    It will be a long wait until Orlando. I hope to meet up then.

  25. That was a quick read for 4,500 words. Thanks for sharing your amazing week at Fincon. Times have changed. It is not the 1980’s anymore. It is cool to be a nerd. Plus nerds have all of the money.

  26. So nice meeting you (briefly) as well, Fritz. Thanks for the kind words, and please know that it’s an honor to put this event together – the event I wanted but didn’t exist in 2010. I appreciate you jumping in and being such a huge community guy yourself. Keep up the good work!

    1. PT HIMSELF! Excuse me while I bow. Smiles. Thanks for stopping by my site, and for all you do for the community. Without you, none of these FinCon posts would have written, because FinCon wouldn’t have happened. We owe that to you, PT, and we are deeply appreciative.

  27. I was wondering when someone was going to ask about whether Jaime’s sciatica and sleeping on the floor are connected. I’m amazed it took this long for someone to try to connect the dots! We talked with our chiropractor and she said the floor sleeping isn’t an issue at all and shouldn’t have contributed 🙂

    It was awesome meeting you at FinCon Fritz – thanks for the great conversation, the fun memories, and for the shout out for Thrifty. Looking forward to the next time we get together!

  28. Hey Fritz… I have a confession to make. I didn’t read any of this post. Just the headline. *blush* But I will read it, doggonit, I promise! I just wanted to let you know there’s one more nerd out here in Minneapolis you’ve yet to meet. Hope you can find your way here or vice-versa at some point. Otherwise, let’s aim for Orlando next year. I’ll be sure to sport my horn rimmed specs and pocket protector. 😉

  29. From what I hear, a good time was had by all. 🙂 I would have loved to met so many of those wonderful money nerds. Thanks for the recap – fun to read!!

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