Making It To Carnegie Hall (The Stacking Benjamins Show)

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I “Made It To Carnegie Hall” this week.  

Hear me out.

I’ve got a humble attitude and trust you’ll hear these words not as a bravado, but rather as a fun little story which you may find of interest as a “Weekend Edition” post.

With that, here’s how I “made it” to Carnegie Hall……

Carnegie Hall has 3,671 seats.  Now look at the capacity of other arenas:

  • Madison Square Garden (20,789 seats)
  • Boston Garden (17,565 seats)
  • Quicken Loan Arena – home of The Cavs  (20,562)

So technically, even though in reality I didn’t “make it to Carnegie Hall”, I’d have needed a Football stadium to reach as many folks as I reached this week!  Let’s look at Central Michigan University, my sister’s alma mater.  Their football stadium comes in at 30,295.

Yep, that’s about right.

30,000 People

Yep, I talked to 30,000 people this week.  Wow.

So…..What’s It Feel Like To Talk To 30,000 Folks?

Funny, it didn’t feel that big.  I was actually in a bedroom, at our cabin.  Alone.

I was pretending I was in Joe’s basement.


The Stacking Benjamin Show

For anyone who listens to Personal Finance podcasts, you already know that Stacking Benjamins is “Yuuuge”.

~30,000 listeners per show huge.

As one of the most popular personal finance podcasts in the world, this show gets some attention. To give you a sense of the stature of this show, here are a few non-partisan reviews:

  • Kiplinger ranked Stacking Benjamin as the Best Finance Podcast 2016.
  • Top 15 of all Personal Finance Podcasts in this review by US News & World Report.
  • Top 10 Money Podcasts that smart entrepreneurs listen to in this review by About.
  • Top 6 Best Financial Podcasts in 2017 in this ranking by AdvisoryHQ.

This show is crushing it.  

What’s So Special About Stacking Benjamins?

Joe Saul-Sehy broadcasts from his “Mom’s Basement” in an eclectic and fast moving “variety show” format, with a different structure to the show on each of the 3 days/week they broadcast.

One of the more popular segments is Friday’s “Roundtable” discussion, where regular guests Paul Pant of Afford Anything and Len Penzo of join Joe.  A fourth seat is occupied by a guest (can you guess where this is leading?).

The Roundtable guests discuss 3 Popular Posts that other personal finance bloggers have written, and debate the articles.  It’s fascinating.  It’s fun.  It’s whimsical.  It’s fast-paced.

These guys are experts, and it shows.

The Hot Seat At The Roundtable

The fourth seat in Joe’s Mom’s basement goes to a rotating guest.

I sat it in last week.

I felt like I was sitting on a Throne.  I was among legends.

It was a blast.

The Back Story

Joe and I started chatting a few months ago and he mentioned he’d invite me on the show in the coming months.  I’ve been excited ever since.  Well, he kept his word and invited me not once, but twice.  I had to decline both times (unavoidable work commitments) and worried I may not hear again from Joe.  Fortunately, Joe contacted me again last week to join The Round Table.

It Was A Go!

Going Live

I sat down at my computer Wednesday night with anticipation, waiting for Joe’s Skype call (No, we didn’t really meet in Joe’s Mom’s basement).  Len Penzo, Jamila from JourneyToLaunch and I were on standby for recording, and then Joe sent an instant message saying he had technical difficulties and he’d need another few minutes. That’s when the fun began.  Len and I started cracking jokes and the three of us had a good time teasing Joe via IM about the delay.  It all set the stage for a great start!

Finally, Joe joined the call and made introductions. Len even expressed his gratitude for me being older than him. Such a nice welcome to the Rookie, don’t ya think?  For the next hour, I had a blast!

Listen For Yourself

So, without further ado, click the link below to listen to the show.  Become listener # 30,001, and join the fun.

I’d love some feedback.  Feel free to leave a comment, I always read every one.

Enjoy your weekend!

Weekend Edition, out.


  1. You finally had a seat at the table! We can’t wait to listen. You’ll be entertaining us in the park today (even though I know you are in the mountains moving into the Great home. Good luck with that!)

    Talk to you soon.

  2. I just listened and thought you did wonderfully! You got some excellent points in and it sounded like a lot of fun. You sure didn’t sound like a rookie. Good voice for podcasting!

    Congratulations! Have a great weekend Fritz!

  3. Listened on my way to work-great job Fritz! It was awesome to hear you on the podcast, and only a few weeks after me! Glad you were able to work through your scheduling difficulties and get on the show 🙂

  4. Thanks, all, for your kind words. I haven’t listened yet, as yesterday was our “Move-In” day to the “Great” cabin!! We’re IN!! I enjoyed the Stacking Benjamins “experience”, and really appreciate Joe inviting me on as a guest!

  5. Ok, I seriously didn’t even know the audience for the podcast was 30,000! I knew it was high but not that high. Hah! I may have to steal some of your referenced stats and add into my post. I had a blast meeting and chatting with you. Cheers to us making it to Carnegie Hall!

  6. Hey Fritz. I loved it. You did a fantastic job. The most poignant part of the show was when you pointed out it was okay to go into credit card debt to fulfill the vacation dreams of a dying child or parent. And I loved the playful barbs hurled between you, Len, and Jamila. Great stuff.

    1. Thanks Mr. G. At least you didn’t say the best part was when I talked about putting bricks in the toilet! I think that comment will haunt me for the rest of my days after Joe had fun with it on his Twitter post! It was a blast, and I’m honored to follow the legends who have gone before me (like YOU!).

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