This page is intended to share templates and other resources of interest to The Retirement Manifesto Readers.  As I develop tools, they will be populated here.

WORKSHEETS – Built By The Retirement Manifesto:

Net Worth Statement:  A template for your use in creating your personal net worth statement.

Asset Allocation:  A spreadsheet to help you analyze your current holdings vs. your targeted Asset Allocation.

Spending Tracker:  A template to track your spending and forecast retirement expenses.

Retirement Cash Flow:  A template to allow you to project your cash flow through retirement.

The Bucket Strategy:  A template to help you turn your investments into a retirement paycheck.

The Wealth Index:  Are you wealthy?  Just enter your age & income to find out!

Year-End Financial Checklist:  A checklist based on steps I take every year-end for my family finances.

INFOGRAPHICS – Built By The Retirement Manifesto (click to view)



WORKSHEETS – The Best I’ve Found On The Web

Portfolio Return Estimator:  Great review by MyMoneyBlog on tools to project returns.

101 Budgeting Tips: A good intro to budgeting from Power Over Life, with spreadsheets.

10 Free Budget Spreadsheets:  Good article from Seedtime, with links to 10 great spreadsheets.

Retirement Calculator:  A comprehensive post from Financial Mentor, with links to several recommended retirement calculators.

A List Of The Best Retirement Calculators:  Great summary of the best 24 retirement calculators on the web, maintained by Darrow Kirkpatrick.

Are You Saving Enough To Retire?  A great spreadsheet from Money For The Rest Of Us to determine how much you need to save now to retire by your target date.

The Calculator Site:  All of the financial calculators from The Calculator Site.  This will keep you busy for days!

Compound Interest Calculator: An easy way to see the future value of your portfolio.

Vertex Excel Templates for Anything:  An amazing site, with Excel & Google Sheet templates for budgeting, retirement, and practically anything else you can imagine.  Have a look, great site.

RealDealRetirement Toolbox:  A useful page with many applicable tools for retirement planning.

Portfolio Charts:  Amazing way to see the impact of asset allocation on your portfolio returns.

Asset Allocation:  A tool to help you visualize future value of investments, based on asset allocation targets.



The Retirement Daily:  An automated newsletter providing daily retirement finance news from around the ‘net.  Have a look, email sign up is free and available on the site.



Sound Retirement Radio:  A weekly radio broadcast from a Certified Retirement Financial Adviser, covering many topics of interest to those planning for retirement.

Radical Personal Finance:  A high content podcast with deep financial content from a CFP. Excellent for those wishing to deeping their knowledge.  Content is well organized on website, allowing focused self-education in areas of interest.

The Retirement Answer Man:  Practical advice to help you plan well & invest wisely from an active CFP who helps folks plan for retirement every day. 

The Dough Roller Money Podcast:  A well spoken attorney who addressed a wide breadth of financial planning concepts in easy to understand language.



Investor Junkie                                 The Penny Hoarder             About Money

Money For The Rest Of Us             My Money Blog                   Get Rich Slowly

Seeking Alpha                                   Financial Samurai              Freedom Is Groovy

Physician On Fire                            Plan.Invest.Escape.            Montana Money Adventures



Paladin:  Looking for a financial advisor?  DON’T DO IT without listening to this podcast from Radical Personal Finance.  The best discussion I’ve ever heard on the topic.


Interested Web Resources:  A valuable source of “How To” guides as you work your way to Financial Independence.

Fastest Growing PF Blogs:  Nice ranking by MoneyMow, we’re in the Top 10!!  A good site to get the best CD rates, also calculators & articles.

Credit Card Glossary:  A good glossary of all terms related to credit cards from Fiscal Tiger.  An online tool to find the highest savings rate you can earn in your State.  The most comprehensive 1-pager you’ll ever see on Personal Finance.  A free internet tool that categorizes your expenses, good for budgeting.

Free Medicare Course:  A FREE 6-day Medicare course via email, from the experts at Boomer Benefits.  A great tool to track your portfolio, net worth, asset allocation.  A free health insurance price comparison tool. – Expected 10-year Returns by Asset Class.

Tax Withholding Calculator:  A Calculator to estimate your taxes.  The place to buy U.S. Savings bonds and I Bonds.

Financial Glossary:  A glossary from Rutgers University on all things financial.

Hobbies For Seniors:  Just for fun, and to see if you’re still paying attention ….






  1. Thanks for the helpful list of Resources on this page. It’s the most complete one I’ve seen on retirement and retirement-related finance topics. Excellent blog!

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