Special Edition: Spring! A Photo Journal

Spring has arrived in Georgia, and I enjoyed a beautiful bike ride in Atlanta’s Chastain Park this week.  Sooo….I decided to create this Photo Journal titled “Spring!”   The Christmas Snow Photo Journal was a popular post, so I’ve decided to have another go with the photo journal format.  If you don’t care for it, no problem.  Go on back to your life, and come back next Tuesday for my next “traditional” post.

I developed a new hobby this week, which I’m calling “Bictography” (Bicycle Photography).  The hobby entails riding your bike with the sole purpose of making photographs.  Photography has the priority, and you “look with an artist’s eye” as you ride your bike. It weaves two hobbies together, and it’s fun.  This week’s ride was the first experiment with the approach, but it won’t be my last. Images of mountain biking from our camper, somewhere in the Rockies, comes to mind as a retirement dream…

I hope you enjoy the results of my first attempt at Bictography!

Magnolias In Spring

Dogwoods – Chastain Park

Gene – Age 83

As I was riding down the bike path in the park, I saw this older man sitting on a stone wall, watching as the sun dropped toward the horizon in the evening sky.  I thought “Wow, that’d make a great picture”, but kept riding.  After riding 100 feet past him, I decided to turn around.  In Bictography, the priority goes to the photograph. Sometimes you just have to grab opportunities as they present themselves. I introduced myself, had a nice chat with “Gene”, and he graciously gave me permission to take his picture.  Too bad he’ll never see it, beyond the pic I showed him on my phone.  Gene has no phone, no computer, no email, and doesn’t read blogs.

I like Gene.

A “Bictography Self-Portrait”, with Moonrise

Skyline of Buckhead – Chastain Park

Bike Riding Nirvana

I spent 90 minutes riding my bike on the beautiful roads and paths around Chastain Park.  In many places, you’d never realize you’re “inside the perimeter” and surrounded by several million people.  I like riding my bike to the park.  It’s a sanctuary.  Get out and explore your neck of the woods.  Take a camera.  BTW, have you ever heard of Bictography?  Give it a try, it’s fun.

Stormy – Our Rescue Foster for a few weeks

Stormy really doesn’t fit in with this Spring Photo Journal, but I decided to include her because she’s only going to be with us for a few weeks, and she happens to be living with us during the early Spring.  Credit goes to my wife for the dog shot.  It’s good, right? We volunteer at a Dog Rescue every Saturday, and love doing what we can to improve the lives of some very unfortunate rescue dogs.  If you ever decide to get a dog, please consider rescue adoption!

I welcome your thoughts about the “Photo Journal” approach, and my new hobby of Bictography.  It’s different than what I normally do, but I enjoy mixing it up from time to time.  If you prefer the more traditional post about retirement/finances/life, come on back next Tuesday.  I’ll be bringing you The Ten Commandments Of Retirement, Part 2 from the 100 Days Of Freedom post that went up this week.  It’s been a fun post to write.

Thanks for being a member of The Retirement Manifesto.  You’re the reason I do what I do, all with the goal of Helping People Achieve A Great Retirement!




  1. Great pictures! I just created an Instagram account and now I look for more opportunities to take photos. Photography is a fun hobby.

  2. I’m rather partial to the self-portrait and Stormy! We resisted Hershey, I’d like to think we could resist Stormy, but it’s times like these I’m glad we don’t live around the corner (although most times, I wish we did!).

    Great shots, keep ’em coming.

  3. What a great idea Fritz. The shot of the magnolias is spectacular. It will be another month at least before they bloom in the UK….can’t wait….we are now deep in snow with Siberian winds.

    1. “The Beast From The East”, right Ian? Who’d have thought I keep up on British weather patterns?! Ironically, I just got an email from a friend of mind in England who mentioned it. Had to smile when you mentioned it in your comment! Enjoy your (hopefully) last blast of winter, it’ll make those magnolias all the more special when they arrive in the U.K.!

  4. I don’t cycle any more, but I love going for a walk with my camera. This last few days with the snow, there have been some lovely shots. Out of 100 shots I only get 1 or 2 decent ones!

    I like the switch to ‘photologs’ every now and then, it’s interesting to see the different surroundings. I loved the dogwoods. Spring is just arriving here, our crocuses are out but not yet the daffodils, and a long way from the magnolias…

  5. I love your Bictography and the new word, which I’ll add to my vocabulary right after Egotrage (I know you are a Groovy fan too). With photo opportunities like that, I would probably only get in about a quarter mile of pedaling. Oh, and I admire Gene too. Thanks for the beautiful pics including Stormy. What a cutie.

  6. Thank you for finally coining the term, Bictography (although my spell check is not a fan of it). I actually started this hobby when we were on a bike tour in Cambodia, but I added a small component. I had to be on the bike and in motion when taking the pictures. This all spurred because there were just too many things to take pictures of and there would have been no way for me to keep up with the group and make it back to the boat in time if I stopped for every one. Maybe I’ll throw together a post of my best Bictography-In-Motion photos and let you be the judge of how I did.

    1. Always trying to take credit, aren’t you Mrs. WoW. I suspect you’ll also claim it was YOUR idea to eat Waffles On Wednesday, right? Haha.

      I’d LOVE to see your Bictography pics from Cambodia, if there are any that aren’t blurry!! Give it a go, it’s fun to post the occasional Photo Journal. Gotta mix it up from time to time, especially with pics from a country that few folks have ever had the pleasure of traveling to. Looking forward to your post!

      1. I’m not stealing your credit Fritz, Bictography is all you, but I may or may not have been the creator of the WOW name 😉 I actually love your photo journals, sometimes reading is overrated and all you need to see are a few pictures. Like the saying goes, a picture is worth…

  7. Nice photos. They have me dreaming of spring. Your timing is perfect. I just came in from snow blowing over 16” of heavy wet snow. Spring cannot get here fast enough.

  8. This really brought a smile to my face. Before we started our own FIRE full-time travel adventure in early 2016, we lived about a mile ftom Chastain Park! Still go by Chastain and our old house when we make it back to Atlanta once a year! Beautiful pics, thanks for the memories.

  9. Love your Bictogrophy. Which reminds me to take more time to enjoy the scenery when I’m out on my bike most of the summer. All the pictures are great but my favs are Gene and your self portrait. Thanks again Fritz!!

  10. You’ve been hanging with Mr. Groovy and now you’re making up words like him. 🙂 Love it!

    Beautiful pictures, Fritz! Gene is cool and of course Stormy is adorable. Hope she gets a great home.

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