#10 Why Does Personal Finance Matter?

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Have you ever…..

……gone on vacation? 
…….leased or bought a car?
…….rented an apartment? Bought a house?
…….had a savings account?
……had a credit card bill (you couldn’t pay?)
……had a loan?  
……had a job?

There’s a right way and wrong way to do almost everything. All of the above, as well as many small financial decisions you face every day, have a “right way” and a “wrong way” of being done. 

Did you think about your broader financial situation when you made these decisions?  Did you ask yourself the right questions before you finalized your decision? Did you plan ahead, or act impulsively?

Do you even know what I’m talking about?  (Don’t be ashamed if you don’t, you’re making a great step toward self education by reading my blog now!).   My point is this:

Everything in life that either…..

1) earns us money
2) costs us money, or 
3) earns an investment return….

……is the core of what Personal Finance is all about. 

So, why does personal finance matter, anyway?  Each of us make hundreds of personal finance decisions in the course of a year.   

Make them well, and you’re setting yourself up for a great retirement. 
Make them poorly, and you may be working the rest of your life. 

It’s almost that simple. 

Yes, Personal Finance matters.  Through this blog, I will strive to outline critical Personal Financial concepts in everyday terms.  I’ve been a passionate “Personal Finance Hobbyist” for 30+ years. I vow to do my best to show you how these topics are really quite easy to grasp if you take some time to learn. Please take the time now, as your financial future depends to a large extent on how well you make money-related decisions from this point forward in your life. 

To achieve my goal of “Helping Others Achieve A Great Retirement”, I’ve decided to start weaving in 1-2  blogs per week on core foundational principles of Personal Finance, which I’ll title my “Building Blocks Series.”  These posts will focus on the core elements  to help make the “right” decision on all of your daily financial decisions. 

To keep variety, I’ll focus the other 1-2 blogs per week on other topics required for a great retirement (along the lines of blog #7, the Kayak / Carpe Diem story).  A great retirement is not all about money, after all!

I encourage you to join me as this blog evolves, and would be honored if you would invite friends and family who you think may benefit from the content (or, forward them my weekly email).  As always, your input on the direction for this blog is encouraged and welcomed.

I look forward to our journey together toward retirement.


  1. I am loving your blog!! Understanding financial stuff has never come easy to me, but I have already learned so much. It’s like sitting across the table chatting with you. Thank you for taking the time to use your knowledge to help others!

    1. Thanks, Mona! It’s really rewarding for me to get feedback like this. I started a page in my Evernote about the impact this blog has made already (that’ll be the topic of a future blog). 5 lives touched in some way, not counting your comment! Thanks SO much for being a loyal follower – it’s truly appreciated!

  2. Hey Fritz! I love reading your archives…being new to your blog this fall I missed some good ones!! I love the opening of this post. For so many people PF is a boring term that implies things totally out of their mindset – but it’s not! That is our job as PF bloggers, to help those who are scared of their own money options. To encourage them to believe that they are in control…even if they are starting in debt. Looking forward to reading more of the archives!

    1. Hey Cuz!! Thanks for stopping by on an “oldie”!! There are many of these “archives” with no comments yet, so you can be #1 on lots of them if you spend a few minutes reading through the old stuff!! I need to think about rewriting this one as a new post, I think it would startle a lot of people about how much Personal Finance is integrated into the choices we make every day!

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