# 17 – Dogs, Cats & Pygmy Goats

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5 Dogs

2 Cats

3 Pygmy Goats

Yes, we love our animals.

Since this post is about ways to achieve a successful retirement, I feel some liberty in expanding the topics to cover anything which will, in my humble opinion, increase your joy in retirement. While the primary focus is on teaching personal financial planning concepts, I will from time to time weave off into the woods on whatever else happens to be rattling around in my brain.

Today, that’s pets.

I inherited my love of pets as a small child, as I suspect most do. It seems those that have pets as a child tend to love them for life. Conversely, those that didn’t grow up with them often struggle to understand the attraction. Fortunately, my wife was also raised with a love for animals.  My daughter can now claim the same.

Animals are now an important part of our life, and bring a lot ef enjoyment for our family. If you love animals, you understand. If you don’t, nothing I’ll write will likely change your position. Therefore, I’ll just focus on some of the aspects of our pets which we enjoy:

1) Companionship:  Dogs seem to have a natural ability to connect with their owners.  I don’t know if it’s because they listen a lot and never use the word “me”, but there’s something special about the companionship they offer. There’s a reason they’re called “man’s best friend.”

2) Love:  The way they greet you when you get home – need I say more?

3) Personalities:  Every one of our pets has a unique personality, and each one is a perfect fit to the animal that they are. How does that happen?

4) Keeping Our Priorities Straight:  our animals always seem to keep us grounded in what’s really important. They put a bad day and corporate politics in their rightful place.

5) Exercise:  Every night, without fail, I walks our dogs in the woods. I get as much benefit from it as they do.

6) Curiosity:  dogs seem to possess a natural curiosity. Think on it. It makes me curious to wonder what they think about. I wish they could speak. My wife and I joke about the accents our dogs would have (you should hear our Australian Shepherd, straight from the Outback).  I suspect we’d learn a lot if we could truly understand how a dog views life (priorities, love, importance of family/herd, companionship).

7) Sacraficial:  I’ve no doubt our dogs would put their lives on the line to save ours. How many of our friends would do that?

I suspect if each of us adopted some of our pets’ traits, we’d likely be happier people, with better friendships, closer relationships and less stress in our lives.

To enjoy life, and our retirements, I challenge us all to give it a try.

Woof woof.




  1. We have two dogs, two pygmy rabbits and two horses. I honestly don’t really care about the rabbits (I find them annoying :D) I love the dogs and like the horses. I took me a while to get used to the pets, but now I couldn’t imagine living without them.


    1. Jan, thanks for checking out my site! I look forward to learning more about WP from your “I USE WORDPRESS” group on FB!

  2. “They put a bad day and corporate politics in their rightful place.”

    That is spot on.
    Words cannot express the feeling of pets making you smile after you’ve had a rough day of interacting with humans…

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