#22 Life At Full Throttle

5 1/2 years ago, I wrote the following note while drinking a coffee in the Amsterdam train station during a business trip in Europe.

I found it this past weekend.

Looking back at it now, I realize this was my first blog, though it never left my notebook.

Below, in it’s entirety and as originally written, I’ve decided to give it a long overdue “public” home for the eyes of the world.

I hope you enjoy this, the first ever “The Retirement Manifesto” blog, written more than 5 years before the blog was even conceived.



From a cafe’ overlooking the Grand Hall, one October afternoon in the Amsterdam Grand Central station:

An overwhelming thought as I watch the masses of humanity pass through in seconds, minutes, maybe 15 minutes maximum if they have a few moments to grab a coffee before their next train.

I realize “everyone here is in-transit”.  What a concept – NO ONE IS STOPPING IN THIS PLACE.  No one lives here.  Ok, a few work here, but they’re really just passing through, too. A momentary pause before going home to their life outside of work at the end of their shift.

EVERYONE IS IN-TRANSIT.  Quickly.  Like a mist.

Aren’t we all, really, just “in transit”, like mist?  Our lives are exactly like the lives of these endless people transiting the Grand Hall, it’s just that they’re on hyper-speed.  We, in our own haste, fail to take the time to realize:

We’re all on the same path as them, only in slow motion.

100 years in life = 100 seconds in the train station.

Enter the Grand Hall, look around in awe, spend a few seconds walking through, then pass out the other side on the next phase of your jouney.

Isn’t that what we’re all doing?

100 seconds, 100 years.

Enjoy your seconds….they pass quickly.





  1. Fritz, I love this post. For some reason this really struck a chord with me. It’s so raw and truthful. Life is short and if we don’t stop to admire it, it will pass by us before we know it. This is a great reminder to stop and slow down 🙂

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