#37 Enjoy YOUR Independence Day

Independence Day

July 4, 1776. Independence Day for the United States of America!

Fireworks.  Picnics.  A Day Off Work.

But oh, so much more.

Our ancestors gave their all for this holiday.  Young men suffered serious wounds, lost limbs, lost lives, lost brothers. Parents grieved. Siblings wondered if their brothers would return home. Leaders faced impossibly difficult decisions.

Our Founding Fathers built this country on massively difficult work.  They spent hours in fierce debate over how this country should be designed. They stood firm on their beliefs. They wrote a Declaration of Independence. They built a government. They designed a country.  Then, they ran it.

They worked for years to insure our new country, after Independence Day, would be great.

Would be Free.

Would be the land of opportunity.

Would be the best in the world.

We can only imagine what it must have been like to be one of those incredible men. They undoubtedly thought of us, their great, great, great grandchildren.  They likely dreamed about how their work would affect us.  I think they’d be pleased.  I travel extensively, throughout the world.  In spite of my irritation with the current wave of “politic correctness” washing over our land, we still live in the best country in the world.

Our Founding Fathers did well.   Treasure that fact.

Today, on Independence Day, I encourage you to give a prayer of thanks to those who have gone before.  Be proud of the country you live in.  Stand firm in your beliefs.

Then, take a minute to think of YOUR Independence Day.

If you’re already retired, YOUR Independence Day is the date upon which you first started retirement.  Celebrate it.  Like our Founding Fathers, you worked incredibly hard for that date. Be proud of your accomplishment.  You’ve done well.

If you’re not yet retired, put some effort in NOW for your upcoming Independence Day.  It’s coming.  Are you prepared?  Like our Founding Fathers, are you putting energy into designing for success after Independence Day?  Be diligent.  Be focused.  Make the difficult decisions. Consult with others.  Debate.  Lay out your personal framework.

Create for yourself a great life post-Independence Day.

I celebrate the 4th of July with respect, pride and thankfullness.

At some point, there will be another Independence Day I’ll plan on celebrating annually.

Join me, won’t you?