54 Minutes, 54 Years (A Weekend Edition)

A short one today, at 324 words.  A new twist.  A Weekend Edition.

You’ve probably noticed that I post once per week.  Usually on a Monday or Tuesday, and I’ve been doing it for the past two years.

One Post. Every Single Week.

Today, I decided to try something new.  (we should all do that from time to time, right?)

A second post of the week.  A Weekend Edition.  I hope you like the variety.  Let me know what you think in the comments (BTW, I LOVE the comment discussions on my posts, thank you all who participate.  If you haven’t yet, try it today!  It’s fun!)

A Special Edition

From time to time, I may interject a randomly-timed post wearing the “Weekend Edition” banner.  

These will be short.

These will be personal.

These won’t talk about money.

Bear with me if you’re a “Money Reader” (most of you are!!)!  These Weekend Editions will always be a supplement to, rather than a displacement of, my primary content of Helping People Achieve A Great Retirement.

So with that…..here we go…..our first Weekend Edition:

54 Years, 54 Minutes

Last week, I celebrated by 54th trip around the Sun.  Happy Birthday to me! (and thanks for all of the great notes from my many friends, you know who you are!)

Tonight, I ran for 54 minutes and 01 seconds.

54 Years, and 54 Minutes.

A few years ago, I set a personal challenge to run my “Age In Minutes” every year around my birthday.  When I turned 50, I ran 50 minutes, 51 at 51, and so on.  A friend of mine asked me last week if I’d run my “Birthday Run” this year, and it triggered me to action.

So…tonight, I ran 54 minutes, for 54 years.

I was excited about it, and posted this on Facebook:


Find something to give you short term motivation.

Your life will be better.

Try Running/Walking Your Age In Minutes, every birthday.

It Works For Me.

It’ll Work For You.

Weekend Edition….Out.



  1. I always love your blogs short or long so a weekend addition makes me smile. Just like hearing about your fitness goals. You rock Mr Gilbert!! I will look forward to your next post as usual. Have a super weekend.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Zinny! I just finished a swim across a lake this morning with a co-worker from England (we’re all together at a resort for a company meeting). The media guy from our company filmed it with his drone, and is going to put together a video clip for me. How cool is that!? I’ll share it in a blog, since you like this stuff (I always struggle about the balance of writing on fitness vs. financial).

  2. 54? You’re a kid! I drink Scotch older than you! And you talk about retirement? When I was your age I was just turning over for the final dash, and best years of my career. To think that I could have retired at 54 ( or such) I would have missed some of the greatest times and people that have given me such pleasure as I aged. Thank God for those wonderful extra years of my truly enjoyable life. I am 75 now, and thrilled I did not choose early retirement.

  3. Happy Belated Birthday!

    Running for 54 minutes is quite an accomplishment! I’m 36 and I think I’d be pretty winded if I tried to run my age in minutes. I’m more of a hiker and biker these days.

  4. Happy Birthday Fritz – that’s a great challenge though for me this year, 25 minutes shouldn’t be too tough!

    Whether it’s swimming or running or general fitness, you are an inspiration for me at 54 years old!

    Have a good weekend,

  5. Im pretty sure you could have ran the extra 53 seconds to make it 54:54 but whatevs…there is always next year! 😉 Happy Birthday, again, and may your 55th year be as good as the rest.

  6. Way to go. Find those “little things” that motivate you. Mine is being able to hike when I am 70, thus, I lost a bunch of weight about 5-years ago, have kept it off, and continue to challenge myself physically to stay healthy. 23-years to go to see that goal come to fruition.

  7. Happy birthday, Fritz! Shouldn’t it get easier every year? 🙂
    I was thinking about something similar for hiking: But one mile per year would be way too long now. Maybe half a mile? I’ll have until next year to finalize that! 🙂
    Cheers and happy Friday!

  8. Love the weekend edition idea Fritz! And happy belated birthday! I love the idea of doing a yearly “fitness’ tradition. Maybe I’ll start in a few weeks – when I hit the big 5-0. Swim, hike, run? Ride? Hmm…..

  9. One thing about becoming 77 next week: I’m long-liberated from the desire to run more than 100 yards at a time (and that as seldom as I can)! The great Russell Kirk used to say that “Thirty miles in a day is a long walk, and that’s as near as we need to get to an absolute truth in this life.” Walking and standing (instead of sitting), and taking the stairs instead of elevators or escalators, will get us all the exercise we need. That, and using our arm strength to push ourselves away from the dinner table! Our friend Fritz will probably be like the character in Adam Sandler’s movie, “Mr. Deeds:” frozen to death at the moment of conquering Mt. Everest at the age of 98! I actually do have a goal similar to his, and that’s shooting my age for eighteen holes of golf. I figure I have about two more years to achieve it, realistically. Then I’ll reset. Way to be an example, Fritz!

    1. John, great to hear from you! At 77, I think you’ve earned the right to make any darn goal you want! I LOVE the idea of shooting your age in golf! (I may be in, if we can agree to only use the front 9?). Get a caddy and walk the course, and you can cover both the “minutes” and the “golf score” at the same time! We’ll keep in touch, by the time you make 79, I’ll be retired, and may just have to make a trip to Michigan to play a “Birthday Round” of golf with you!

  10. Way to go Fritz. Options and fitness: what a wonderful way of life.

    May all of your short options expire out of the money.



    1. ED!!! Great to see you leaving a comment on my site, Ed! I enjoy our lunches together, you can teach this young kid a trick or two about trading options! Hope you’re still working out with your personal trainer? You’re one of my inspirations!

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