The Purpose (Planning your future)

Do you sometimes start heading down a “life path” without thinking where it’s leading? We all do. I would argue most paths are walked without much thought on where they’ll ultimately lead. For many paths, that’s ok. For some paths, it’s not.

I challenge you to figure out which paths are worth thinking about. Nothing radical, just be conscious of where you’re heading, and spend time thinking, pondering, praying about where it could lead. Better to sometimes think ahead. Better to sometimes plan.

Retirement is a major path, down which all of us will hopefully tread. Trust me – this is one path you don’t want to walk without a plan (more on that in an upcoming blog). I sincerely hope that these posts will help you navigate your own path toward retirement!

I’m one week down my path of The Retirement Manifesto. Time to stop and think about where it leads. Best to do it while I’m early on the path. A stake in the ground, if you will, for future reflection and reference. So…..why am I writing The Retirement Manifesto?

My Manifesto On The Manifesto:


1) Teach: Help as many people as possible achieve a great retirement!

2) Have Fun. Enjoy the path. This is 100% voluntary. If you don’t make it fun, there’s no one to blame but yourself.

3) Learn. Continually challenge yourself, get uncomfortable, self teach. Design a web page? Really? Done!

4) Think: Challenge yourself to think about things happening in daily life. The pressure of writing 4 blogs a week is great for this

The Future:

1) Focus on writing. Enjoy the process of writing, create free content that (hopefully!) others will enjoy and find value in.

2) Be Patient: Remember this is a fun side project, for potential expansion post-retirement. Wait until then to fully explore the potential direction.

3) Build A Base: ask friends to forward my link to other friends & family. Build a base of readers. Enjoy the growth, and the sense of satisfaction from knowing others are getting value from my efforts.

4) Pray: I believe God will provide direction for where this may lead. Be it a podcast, Christian Financial Coaching, passive income, a gradual decline into oblivioin, or something else. Relax and enjoy the journey, don’t worry about what the future will bring.

I think about how strange it will be to look back at this in 5 years and see where this journey has led. At least I’ll know that I walked the path with some thought, some prayer, some reflection, and a small semblence of a plan.

I appreciate you letting me join you as we walk together down that path toward retirement.



  1. Hey Fritz! Just found this post from your Twitter feed. So …. it hasn’t been 5 years yet, but it’s been two – has the blogging path led you where you thought? Are you still thinking about where it might lead you, or do you now know?

    1. Ty – I don’t know if I’ll ever know. I just do it day by day, week by week. I’m off this week (moving to our new “Great” cabin), so no stress if I don’t have time for the blog. It’s a hobby, and I have to continually remind myself of that fact!

  2. Awesome and enlightening as usual. I believe these are wise words from when you were just starting out to someone who is just starting out. Thank you 🙂 I particularly enjoyed the 4 points to ponder for the future, Fritz.

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