Log Blog 1: I’m Going To Conduct An Experiment With You

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This is a unique post for me.  It’s going to be short, and represent something new.  Apologies to my newest readers, please recognize this as something unique, and don’t let it distract you from The Retirement Manifesto’s primary purpose of Helping People Achieve A Great Retirement.

The Experiment

I enjoy writing, and have decided (my blog, my rules?) to try something new over the next few weeks/months.  I’ve got a little extra time now that I’m living in my “City Apartment” a few nights a week following the completion of our Downsizing Move.  I’m testing different ways to use the time to create value, and have decided to launch a small experiment with my blog.

Log Blog

Introducing:  The Log Blog Series

From time to time over the life of this experimental series, you will begin seeing new articles of “Supplemental Content” on The Retirement Manifesto.  These will come without any commitment regarding frequency or duration.  There may never be another one after this introductory post.  That’s part of the experiment.  Here’s my design for the experiment:

The Log Blog Series:  This “experimental series” will be titled “The Log Blog Series”.  There’s a reason I named it that. You’ll find out why in a future post (if I ever write one).

Rule I:  Maintain The Retirement Manifesto focus:  I intentionally choose quality over quantity for my primary posts, and attempt to publish at least one article per week with a strong retirement planning/finance focus.  I work hard to achieve a certain quality standard, and I will maintain a flow of articles consistent with what you’ve come to expect.  Nothing will change in the “normal” flow of The Retirement Manifesto material.

Rule II:  Explore With The Log Blog Series:  The Log Blog Series, on the other hand, will be an entirely unscripted and random experiment, and creative twist.  I’ll give more background in “Log Blog 2” (if I ever publish again). You’ll never know when they’re coming, but they’ll always be tagged with a “Log Blog” tag in the title, so you can chose to engage or disregard at your preference.

Rule III:  Have Fun:  This experiment is for the fun and enjoyment of the author and the reader.  The author will not induce stress on himself to achieve any artificial deadlines or content objectives.  This is purely for the fun of trying something new. I’m thinking about potential future directions for my writing, and am using this as a small experiement to gauge response.  Depending on how this goes, the Log Blog series may evolve into an e-book.  Or, it may end with today’s post.  Therein lies the fun.

My Ask Of You

I intend to explore a bit of a different writing style and subject focus in The Log Blog Series.  I had fun brainstorming this concept last night at my City Apartment, and decided to launch The Experiment with today’s post as a result.  To give you some of the ideas and potential content, here’s a quick list from my brainstorming notebook:

  • Swimming Across Lake Zurich
  • Expat Experiences
  • Urban Mountain Biking
  • I Started A Running Club
  • A 43 Year Gap
  • 3 Old Men In The Mountains

There’s a common theme, but you’ll never figure it out.  I’ll get into that in the next post.  Or, I won’t.

For now, I’d like some feedback. Whenever an article in The Log Blog Series is posted, you’ll see it in the title.  If you think this is a strange venture, you can skip over those posts.  The Retirement Manifesto content will continue to flow as always.  If, however, you like the concept, you’re welcome to participate.

So, for starters, I have one assignment for you:

Please leave a comment below with your thoughts on the concept.

If you rather, feel free to send me an email or leave a note on Facebook or Twitter.

Should I proceed, or kill the experiment?




  1. Personally, it’s probably not going to hold a lot of interest for me, but it’s your blog to do with what you like, so do what you like.

    I will just ignore anything I don’t want to read.

    That said, if it becomes too much a part of the blog, I would unsubscribe as I’m here mainly for the retirement stuff.

    1. ESI, thanks for the quick response! You hit on exactly what is “giving me pause”. Satisfying the readers’ quest for retirement planning information, while testing a little side concept. The unique titling scheme was an attempt to address both needs. We’ll see what others say. Thanks again!

  2. Proceed… I am open for experiments and new things. It can turn out to be great, or not. It has to be tried to be sure. I prefer to have “loved and lost than never have loved at all”.

    Another option could be to run a distinct other blog. Easy to do in wordpress… I will subscribe!

    1. Thanks, Amber. I’ve considered a seperate blog, and may move there after my “experiment”. Trying to keep things simple for starters, but it’s a good idea. I like your ‘loved and lost’ comment.

  3. Just go ahead and give it a try. Your numbers will tell you soon enough if your readers enjoy the experiment or not.

  4. I’m new here – but you’ve already stated you are not “interrupting” your weekly retirement info…
    One must feed the soul also – which it sounds like is more what you are doing with your experiment….
    I’m game!

    1. Kathi – welcome to the site, and thanks for your support!

  5. Go for it. The title is descriptive enough that people may skip the reading if it is not their cup of tea. I am here for the retirement intel as well, but I also like to read about life’s journey.

  6. Give it a try and we’ll see where it goes! I do realize also that most people don’t want too many emails…you begin to feel inundated and, for some of us, for some reason if there isn’t time to read them just deleting them doesn’t remove the “pressure” of thinking you missed something…the stress of it all! lol
    That said, I’m in, Fritz. Looking forward to seeing whatcha got. 🙂

  7. Count me in. I love reading your articles and excited about a different style on what sounds to be a lighter side.

  8. Fritz,
    Having a personal connection with you, I’ll be interested to see where this goes. I enjoy the mix of financials and the life thoughts. For sure retirement is a mix of both.
    Sounds like you have readers who lean toward the financials, so moderation my friend.

    1. Bill, I’ve known you for decades, and trust your counsel beyond words. Thanks for the input.

  9. Fritz, please continue the thought experiments. I’m interested in your articles both on retirement planning and articles that are more personal in nature primarily because we are both about the same age. I’ve gotten tired of reading the blogs written by 20 and 30 year olds seeking early retirement. I really enjoyed reading your articles on how you had to rapidly sale your house, move into the vacation cabin and take care of an elderly parent, which I can certainly relate too. I would think there is a huge crowd of baby boomers who are within 5 to 10 years of retirement or already in retirement that would enjoy your new experiment.

    1. Brandon, I sent you a personal email to share how much your note means to me. To everyone else, I say “Brandon’s note meant a lot to me”. Smiles.

  10. I agree with Amber Tree that you should give this a try and if it turns out somewhat distracting for the Retirement Manifesto crowd you could easily start a separate blog. I think this would give you (and us) a little more of a creative venue than just the financial planning focus you’ve mostly adhered to. Good luck and you can count on us to let you know if you’re going too far astray.

    1. Thank you, Bert. I really appreciate your involvement with my blog, and will count on you to keep me in line!

  11. Fritz,
    How about expanding your mission, and experiment, with a regular Podcast?

    1. David – I’m a huge podcast fan, but just don’t have the bandwidth right now. That MAY be a post-retirement experiment.

  12. Full steam ahead Fritz … experiment away my friend … I am totally in!
    Also I have a good idea about the “theme” … but I won’t tell … or perhaps I will!!

    1. Adriano – nice to see you on here (your first comment, I believe). Looks like you’re figuring it out. Or maybe you’re not.

  13. You know you want to do this, so do it. Following your gut had served you so well up until now. We, your readers, are big fans of your approach to life. It sounds like fun!

  14. I think this is a wonderful idea. Life is all about trying new things – it will be interesting and exciting. Good for you for venturing out – I am so looking forward to your first post. Have fun! Susan

  15. Fritz,
    Just joined the group. Open to any information you plan to offer. I expect it to be very informative.
    Your old industry associate.

    1. Larry! Great to see you out here, old friend! Thanks for the comment!

  16. Go for it. The downside is small. We can just ignore the items not interesting. Retirement is not all about money, that is why I’m interested in your blog.

  17. Thanks for ALL of the input, folks! 28 comments is clearly a record on any of my posts. I continue to think about “The Experiment”, and have had some additional thoughts. I’ll be doing something in the coming weeks, you’ll make the connection. Or maybe you won’t. 🙂

  18. Fritz;
    Just catching up on all your posts however this one looks like its a go … am interested to see where you take us and the journey is always more important to me than the destination (as long as I reach the destination eventually) … lead away!!

  19. To those faithful enough to be reading deep into the depths of the comments, an announcement. I’ve made up my mind, with some wise counsel I trust, to forgo this series. I need to “respect the brand” that “The Manifesto” is becoming, and build the core message with my core audience. To satiate my desire to write on the topics envisioned under “The Experiment”, I will be pursuing other means to express my thoughts onto the written page. If if develops, in time, into the potential path I envision, you will know in due course. Or, you won’t “No rules” as I pursue an alternative path. Stay tuned….it may be a few years until fruition of the idea. Thanks for your input, it’s appreciated.

  20. I will read your Log Blog. I am an avid marathon runner…so I can provide some insights into your Start a running club article.

    1. ECC, thanks for your support! I’ve decided to not pursue this experiment (see my comment on this article), to insure a clear focus on the retirement planning issues that my “brand” is known for. I’ll be addressing this a bit more in an article I’m currently writing. I’ll still write some of the “experimental” material, but it will likely go into a “potential book” file and not be shared on my blog at this point in time. Thanks again for supporting my efforts to make this the best blog possible!

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