#51 The 7 Best Articles Of The Week

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Following are 7 of the best articles I’ve seen within the past week on personal finance and retirement issues.  Expand your horizons, and enjoy!

How College Grads Can Retire As Millionaires:  (CBS Marketwatch)

The compounding power of starting young is critical, and this article highlights   1) Automatic enrollment, 2) Target Date funds, 3) how to pick between retirement accounts and 4) the importance of emergency funds.

A Financial Plan On An Index Card:   (Motley Fool via USA Today)

The Motley Fool follows Harold Pollock’s concept of condensing a financial plan onto an index card.  Interesting.  I think I’m going to try to do this for a future post

Retirement Income Strategies With Annuities:   (Forbes)

A technical piece by one of the smartest financial minds in the business, Wade Pfau, PhD.  Good overview and analysis of the benefits of using annuities as a portion of your retirement income strategy.

A Social Security Strategy to boost benefits:  (CNBC)

Optimizing your social security benefits can have a significant impact on your overall retirement income.  This article explains some of the techniques, and points you to resources to help you optimize your strategy.

6 Ways You Are Flunking Retirement Planning  (Huffington Post)

Some areas you may want to think about as you work on your retirement plan.  Learn to live with less, and learn to treasure relationships.

How Much Income Do I Need In Retirement?   (McLean Asset Management)

An interesting look at post-retirement spending by income level, as well as thoughts on how to breakdown retirement spending (e.g., “Things you want to accomplish in retirement”).

5 Attitude Lessons From A 92 Year Old  (RichTopia)

Ok, this one’s a test to see if you’ve read this far.  This one is actually my article, republished on Richtopia.  Hey, we’ve got to have fun, right!  Did you get this far?  Smiles.


On a personal note, this will likely be my final post until early September.  While you’re staring at your computer screen, my wonderful wife and I will be gazing off our cruise ship balcony at the wonderful fjords of Norway.  Yes, I’m gloating a bit (apologies, but I’m really looking forward to the break!!).  It’s been hard earned, with many hours of my backside in commercial airline seats earning the free rights of passage to this marvelous land.  Enjoy your end of summer – I’ll be back soon!

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