#50 50th Anniversary! The First 50 Articles

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In honor of this, my 50th post, following is a compilation and summary of each of my 49 articles written to date, as well as a link to a recent radio interview!  It’s been an interesting four months, and I trust you’ve enjoyed the journey thus far.  I receive no financial compensation in this venture, but am richly rewarded by the stories of the impact I’ve had in many readers’ lives.  I sincerely hope you, personally, have gained at least a few items of real value and insight.

For new readers, this is a great opportunity to scan through all of my content to date and read a few of the posts in areas that interest you.

For long term readers, it’s a great time to pick up on any articles you’ve missed, or re-read a favorite!  I’d also be appreciative if you could pick one to send to a friend.

Every title is hyperlinked back to the original article.  Pick a few, and enjoy!  If you’d ever like to reach out to me, don’t hesitate to send an email (I answer each one personally).  My email address is Fritz@theretirementmanifesto.com.

Thank you for your support of The Retirement Manifesto.

APRIL 2015:

#1  Contentment – A Personal Choice:  My first post, and I choose to make it an opportunity to publically declare my personal decision to be content.

#2  College, For Life (Paying for College):  My parents paid for my college education, now I’m returning the generosity. Someday, hopefully, my daughter will do the same for her kids.

#3  The Retirement Manifesto – How It Started:  The story of the first 30 hours.  Have you read the definition of “Manifesto”?  It’s a perfect description for this website.

#4   48 Hour Milestone – God’s Leading:  Does God lead us into things?  Did he lead me into this?

#5   A Day With My Daughter (Leaving A Legacy):  Life lessons to my daughter via her search for the perfect gun.

#6   A Call For Help (Budget Priorities):  A friend calls for advice:  tax savings or emergency fund?

#7  The Kayak (Carpe Diem):  Life.  Just Do It!

#8  The Purpose  (Planning your future):  My personal rules for The Retirement Manifesto.

#9  Should I Buy Gold?  My advice to a friend when he asked me this question.

#10  Why Does Personal Finance Matter?  How personal finance applies to our daily lives, and why it’s important for a great retirement.

#11  45 Seconds Of My Life:  How small action can lead to big results.  Take the first step!

#12   The River (Married Life):  How a kayak trip is a good analogy for a marriage.

MAY 2015:

#13   Building Block One:  The Levers Of Wealth:  Building wealth is easy, spend less than you make and do it for a long time.  3 Levers:  What you make, what you spend, and what you do with the difference.

#14   High Five (Encouragement):  Encouraging others benefits the giver as much as the recipient.

#15  Building Block Two The Most Powerful Force In The Universe:  The power of compounding. Start early – once the opportunity is missed, it’s gone forever.

#16  Listen To Your Mother:  A great summary of top advice numerous authors received from their Mom’s (in honor of Mother’s Day).

#17  Dogs, Cats & Pygmy Goats:  How pets add joy to life, and enhance retirement.

#18   Learn From Those Who Have Gone Before:  Learn from others who have gone before you, and teach those who follow in your wake.

#19  Mortality:  7 lessons I learned from my brother-in-laws premature death.

#20  Building Block Three:  The Net Worth Statement:  Why you must track your net worth.

#21  Car College – Podcasts:  The value of podcasts, and a list of my favorite ones.

#22  Life At Full Throttle:  How a train station is a good analogy for life.

#23  No One Has Ever Become Poor By Giving:  Anne Frank, The holicost, and sacrificial giving.

#24  Building Block Four:  Asset Allocation:  Where should I put my money?  A description of various asset classes, and the sequence in which you should invest.

JUNE 2015:

#25  When Can I Retire?  Step 1 – Spending:  How to project how much you’ll spend in retirement, the first step in determining when you can retire.

#26  When At Work, WORK!:  As you near retirement, don’t drift.  Take personal responsibility.

#27  Will You Be Forced To Retire Early? (Chances are “Yes”):  A study in USA Today reports 60% of Americans retire earlier than planned.  Do you have a Plan B?

#28  When Can I Retire?  Step 2 – Income:  Part 2 of the series, focused on how much income you can realistic expect to achieve in retirement from all sources.

#29  Take Time To Say Thank You:  I went to Montreal this week, with the primary purpose of taking time to recognize the retirement of a good friend.

#30  Shower Them In Love:  A most unusual wedding gift, a most unusual shower.

#31  Have You Got 5 Minutes?:  Relationships should be our priority, not money.

 #32  When Can I Retire?  Step 3 – The Contingency Plan:  Part 3 of the series, focused on identifying potential risks to your retirement plan, and building them in to your cash flow.

#33  A Bench In The Woods:  A description of my respite.

#34  What’s In Your Bucket?:   Build a bucket list for all facets of your life, not just travel.

#35  What Me, Worry?:  10 practical tips to minimize worry in your retirement.

JULY 2015:

#36 When Can I Retire?  (Putting It All Together):  The final article in the series, with methodology to determine when you can target your retirement date.

#37  Enjoy YOUR Independence Day:    Celebrate your Financial Independence Day.

#38  Top 5 Regrets People Have On Their Deathbeds: A pallative care nurse outlines top common regrets.  I give advice on how to avoid them in your own life.

#39  Not My Circus, Not My Monkey:  Identify what you’re responsible for, and take ownership. Don’t waste time on things you can’t control.

#40  The Purpose Of Life Is A Life Of Purpose:  The purpose of The Retirement Manifesto.

SPECIAL EDITION – INTERVIEW: Radio interview with Jason Parker of Sound Retirement Radio, in which Fritz Gilbert outlines the purpose behind The Retirement Manifesto.

#41  7 Signs You’re On The Road To A Great Retirement:  7 simple tests to determine if you’re on track to a great retirement.

#42  The Best 5 Articles I’ve Read This Week:  Compliation of good articles on personal finance.

#43  When Is Enough….Enough? Define your “enough”, don’t get stuck on the treadmill.

#44 How I Made $2,000 In One Hour:  Shop your insurance, it will save you a lot of money.

#45  The Millionaire Next Door:  Lessons you should learn from wealth builders.

AUGUST 2015:

#46  Mental Sovereignty:  Make up your own mind, avoid the noise.

#47  Downsizing – Our Retirement Strategy:  A review of our personal downsizing plans, including how we determined the target purchase price for our downsized home.

#48   5 Lessons On Attitude From A 92 Year Old:  Examples of people who have made a decision to be content.  Chose for yourself – it’s your life.

#49 Why Don’t Americans Save String?  A comparison between the savings habits of The United States and China, where strong motivation drives the Chinese to a 30% savings rate.



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