The Best Articles Of The Week

In my efforts to encourage you to continue to broaden your knowledge in all things “personal finance” related, below are some of the best articles I’ve read in the past few weeks.  I encourage you to pick one or two that interest you.  Learn something new today……

7 Mistakes Getting Car Insurance For Your Teen Driver:  I applaud the author, RJ Weiss, for reaching out to me with a specific request to share this article with you, the reader.  After reviewing, I agreed it’s worth sharing.  7 great tips from an insurance “insider” on mistakes parents make when getting auto insurance for their teenage drivers.

It’s Sleazy, But It Could Become The Future Of Retirement:  I’ve been reading personal finance articles for over 20 years, but I’d never heard of this concept.  I find it strangely appealing.  This one will stretch your mind a bit.

How To Play Catch Up In Your Retirement Savings:  Behind in your retirement savings?  A “not sugar coated” assessment of your options.

The 4 Traits Of The Happiest Retirees:  What are common traits among happy retirees?  Read these traits identified by a retiree coach who has talked with many happy retirees.

Should You Wait Until Age 70 To Claim Social Security?  A good follow-up article to my recent article on “Tips To Make Your Money Last Through Retirement”, this article focuses on the pros and cons on claiming Social Security at various ages.

Is More Money The Key To Happiness In Retirement?  An interesting review by CBS Marketwatch of recent survey findings on what drives happiness in retirement.  Hint:  The optimal income for happiness?  $100 – 125k.  Why?  See the article.

22 Tips From Experts Regarding Retirment Planning:  A great checklist of suggestions from the folks who should know.