5 Most Popular “Retirement Manifesto” Articles

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As my readership continues to grow, I’ve decided to dedicate today’s blog to a summary of the 5 Most Popular Articles I’ve written to date.  Since my “most popular” tend to be less focused on investment articles, I’ve also added a bonus “Top 5 Investment Articles” at the bottom of this post.

For those of you who are new, this is a good chance to catch some of the “best stuff”.  For the long time loyal readers, it’s a chance to make sure you haven’t missed the most popular content created to date!  Enjoy!


Are You Busy? 

A reminder to spend your time on things that are important. Impact someone’s life, you’ll be rewarded.

Habitat build


Life At Full Throttle  

How life in a train station parallels real life.


Take Time To Say Thank You  

Why I went to Montreal to say “Thank You”.


Top 5 Regrets People Have On Their Deathbeds (& how to avoid them in your life)  

Lessons we can learn from a pallative care nurse, who has heard many deathbed regrets.


The Goats Are Gone (Retirement Priorities)  

How priorities shift as we approach retirement, and how we can plan for it.

Goats Gone


BONUS:  The Top 5 Investment Articles:

When Can I Retire? – A 4 part series to determine when you can retire (this link takes you to #4 in the series, the article includes links to the previous 3 articles)

The Building Wealth Series – A 4 part series on investment strategy (this link takes you to #4 in the series, the article includes links to the previous 3 articles)

The Millionaire Next Door – Lessons you can learn from successful wealth builders.

4 Ways To Reduce Worry In Today’s Volatile Markets – A follow-up to the successful “What Me Worry” article, this article focuses on tactics to use in today’s volatile markets.

Seven Strategies To Make Your Money Last Through Retirement  Specific steps you can take to alleviate the greatest retirement concern – running out of money.