dream go do

Dream. Go. Do.

Dream. Go. Do.

Three short words.  9 letters. 

But their simplicity hides a power that can change your life.

Dream. Go. Do. Three short words. 9 letters. But their simplicity hides a power that can change your life. Click To Tweet

the power to change your life

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Dream. Go. Do.

Those three words are simple, yet they comprise a great recipe for a life well-lived.  Today, we’re going to look at how to put this recipe to work in your life.  Your life may well be better for it.

First, let’s think about each word and see how they can lead to places you’d never imagine.  After thinking about the words, I’ll share a couple of examples which highlight the power within their simplicity.


All of us should have dreams, and I encourage you to never live life without them.  Think about what you want to accomplish in life.  Things you want to do.  Places you want to go.  Never stop dreaming, it’s the essence of stretching yourself toward new horizons.

Never stop dreaming, it's the essence of stretching yourself toward new horizons. Click To Tweet


Dreams, if left alone, never materialize.  To become a reality, action must follow.  That first step must be taken.  Decide which of your dreams you’re serious about pursuing and determine the first step.  Then, take it.


Do represents the point where the dream becomes a reality.  Where something you once thought impossible becomes a reality.  Achieving A Dream is one of the purest pleasures in life, but it only becomes possible if you…

…Dream.  Go.  Do.

Three Examples Of Dream Go Do In Action

1. A Christmas Card Discovery

I have my sister, Angie, to thank for the title of today’s article, and the story of how that title came to be will be the first example I share. While we were back in Michigan visiting for the holidays, she arranged an outing to a local pottery shop.  Family members had fun painting Christmas tree ornaments and spending time together.

But Angie dared to dream.

Rather than being content painting a “simple” ornament, she decided to challenge herself by re-creating a Christmas card she loved onto a serving platter.  She decided to stretch herself beyond her comfort zone, and she took the first step of drawing the card onto the platter. 

When the platter was completed, she posted it on Facebook along with the story behind the platter.  Most importantly, she wrote in her comment, “What a sense of accomplishment. The moral of the story, dream, go, do, and have a blast doing it!”  In response to her post, I commenting,

“Dream, Go, Do.  A great recipe for life.”

Out of a simple dream to recreate a Christmas card, my sister experienced the satisfaction that comes from accomplishing something she didn’t think she was capable of. 

And….the seed for this post was planted.

2. Freedom For Fido

A year ago this month, my wife had a dream. 

After seeing a video on a charity in Oregon that built free fences and doghouses for low-income families who kept their dogs on chains, she had a dream of establishing a charity in our mountain community to do the same.  I wrote about it here if you’d like the full backstory, but suffice it to say she’s moved well beyond Dream and Go and is living in Do. 

Freedom For Fido has succeeded far beyond her wildest imagination and she’s making a BIG impact in our little community.  More importantly, she has a passion for what she’s doing in retirement and her charity has become a means for many others in our community to experience the joy of watching a dog taste freedom for the first time.  Her dream has become a reality, and I’m proud of her for making it happen.

Life-changing stuff, indeed.

3. Converting An Enclosed Trailer

A few months ago, my wife and I decided we needed to make a change.

Freedom For Fido was growing, and we needed to grow with it.  We decided to purchase an enclosed trailer to use during our fence builds, a mobile fence building workshop where everything would be organized and readily available to our army of volunteers.

But there was a problem.

I had no idea how to convert the shell of an enclosed trailer into a customized mobile workshop.  I’m certainly not a carpenter, but I was willing to dream.  I spent some time on Youtube and Instagram vetting out my dream, and I took the first step.  I decided to create a video of the entire process to help others achieve their dream of converting a trailer, and I documented every step.  I encourage you to check out the short video above to watch my dream unfold.  Below is a view of the finished trailer:

I dared to dream, and I stretched myself beyond my comfort zone. 

Like my sister with her Christmas platter or my wife with her new charity, I couldn’t be happier with the results.

I’ve found that tackling various “retirement projects” that are beyond my experience is a great way to live in retirement, and I plan on continuing the approach for years to come.  My life is better as a result.  If you’re willing to apply the same recipe, I’ve no doubt that your life will be better, too.


Dream. Go. Do.

Whether it’s your job or some other situation in your life that you’re dreaming about improving, don’t stop with the dream.  Take a step.  See where it leads.  Since this blog is about “Helping People Achieve A Great Retirement” (my byline), I can give no better advice for a recipe to try during your retirement.  I’m taking my own advice, and I’m stretching myself in an attempt to achieve my dreams.

It’s time to dream.  It’s time to go.  It’s time to do.

If you’re seeking to improve your life, give it a try.  

You’ll be amazed where it can lead.

Your Turn:  Do you have a Dream Go Do story that demonstrates the power of these three simple words?  Let’s chat in the comments…


  1. Dream.Go.Do.
    I like these words. A dream needs action so that you can make it happen.

    With my girlfriend,we dream of an improv group. We start now this Thursday.

    And I dream of a new meetup series in Belgium. I have the do in my head!

  2. I am honored. A simple platter inspired you! Actually, I believe you finally came to your senses and listened to your older wiser sister! Ha ha. Truly – your blog has reached many people, and “Dream. Go. Do.” is just one aspect …. Wise words. Love you baby brother ….

      1. Awww! So sweet! You both have inspired me and I am truly grateful for all the wisdom and inspiration that Fritz provides to his readers. A big thank you!

  3. We loved the video Fritz. Cannot say enough about your wife’s (and of course your) commitment to this cause for “mans best friend”. Keep up the good work and please continue to post updates on this cause. It warms our hearts as we love dogs too.


    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Tony. We’ll keep you updated from time to time, I’m sure. Freedom For Fido is a major part of our retirement at this point, I can’t envision how it won’t weave it’s way into future posts.

  4. Love the post and the inspiration – we can never get enough inspiration! Thanks for not settling for “boring retirement” and you definitely are living the dream because you were/are intentional in that you retired to something and not from something! Great video btw – maybe another side hustle? Love to hear that your wife’s charity has become such a hit around Blue Ridge – what a great cause!

    1. Glad you liked the video. I had a retirement goal to teach myself video editing, and I’ve been happy with the results thus far. It’s a handy skill to have with my blog and wife’s charity, glad I took the time to learn. Dream, Go, Do and never stop learning!

  5. Great article and video Fritz. It will motivate even those long time retirees (going on 17 years). Shout out to Jackie.

  6. Love it!! Three simple words yet so profound when strung together!
    Thanks to you and Jackie for the inspiration ❤️

  7. Thank you Fritz for such an inspiring message! Helping others is one of the most empowering feelings. My wife and I started a lifestyle website and are living the “Dream Go Do”. Many struggle with the transition into retirement and finding meaningful things to do. Freedom for Fido is a great idea!

  8. Awesome post, as always. Great words no doubt. They are applicable in many settling and situations in life. Great job on the trailer! Keep up the great work.

  9. Hey Dave. 3 Wonderful words! They will resonate with me the rest of the morning! For the longest time I’ve wanted to be a better cook. While working, I was always preparing the same recipes that I had grown up with and few variations. However, since retiring last May, I’m becoming more creative in the kitchen and learning from so many others. It’s wonderful and has opened up a source of enjoyment to new levels. Dream. Go, Do. – perfect!

  10. Financial Independence is a second chance at life to live out your dream!

    Be sure to have a proper dose of optimism and openness in the years to come.

  11. Hi Fritz,
    You know that I am totally on board with these 3 sentiments. I especially liked hearing that Freedom for Fido is succeeding so well. Great for the doggies and the community, but also must bring great satisfaction to you wife. Making a difference can do that!
    She seems to have found her Ikigai.
    BTW, love the “trailer shop” – super idea and great job!
    Just catching up with my blogging tasks – if I had kept up with reading and responding to emails I might have won a copy of your book. Now I’ll need to buy one. 🙂

    1. Hey Nancy – better late than never, right! Funny, I seem to struggle staying on top of my “blogging tasks” as well now that I’m retired. Strange how that works, it would seem to be easier but I find myself spending less and less time in front of a computer screen. I think that’s a good thing, right?

      Thanks for your kind words about FFF, it does indeed bring great satisfaction (it even made it into my book as an example of how to find Purpose in retirement!). BTW, no worries about the book contest. If you get back on schedule, you’ll have a shot when I give away a few copies of MY book in April! Thanks for stopping by.

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