The Retirement Manifesto (How it started)

How did it start?  Tonight, right now. By chance (or not?). Literally, 60 minutes ago as I type these words, I Googled “How to start a blog and get a web domain.”  I hit on Bluehost, a blogging host I’d recently heard about on a podcast (while driving…feed the brain!). For absolute kicks, I typed in “”.  I had a clear thought: “If this domain name comes back as available, it’s a clear sign to explore this path.”  I have no idea where that thought came from (actually, I do), but it was absolutely as clear as if someone had spoken in my ear. My anxiety was almost palatable in the 1/2 second it took for the server to respond.

Domain name available.

The name originally came from a new notebook I created in my Evernote Cloud. Yesterday, ironically, at work.  It seemed almost surreal. I opened a new notebook to capture some thoughts I had while thinking about the fact that my wife was going to be away for the weekend, and how should I spend my time?  I wanted to spend some quiet time in thought, so I jotted down 4-5 line items of things to think about over the solo weekend. (Reminder to self – publish this original list as a future post”). When it came time to save it, the name “The Retirement Manifesto” literally jumped into my head, so I proceeded to type in the name as a “Save As” file.  I immediately loved the name.

Manifesto:  noun man·i·fes·to \ˌma-nə-ˈfes tō\. : a written statement that describes the policies, goals, and opinions of a person or group. 

I didn’t have the definition when I chose the name, but reading it now I couldn’t imagine a more appropriate monicker for the space in which I’ll publish my thoughts on all things related to a quest toward early retirement.  Potentially, along the way I’ll help educate others through my lifelong interest in personal finance, and wrap it into a broader discussion of “the things that really matter.”

The Retirement Manifesto.   It. Just. Felt. Right.

30 hours after the “Save As” filename decision, I now own the domain of the same name. Coincidence? I think not. Where this is heading, I haven’t a clue. However, tonight I took a giant step forward by securing a domain name in which to document The Quest.

Join me for the ride, won’t you?

Written April 10, 2015 10:35 pm

Documenting The Quest
Documenting The Quest