#4 Milestone 48 Hours (God’s Leading)

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The launching of The Retirement Manifesto. There have seldom been such obvious “stake in the ground” moments in my life. From a long simmering seed of an idea, to full fruition with an unbelievable URL and first published blog, as well as my first emailed “promo” to only a very select group of family and friends, all within a short 48 hour period on April 10-12, 2015.  I feel that I may look back in hindsight on this as a “milestone moment” in my life. Seldom have I felt such strong conviction in an idea. 2 years of steady podcasting listening, during which time the seed of an idea was planted. Steadily growing over the past 24 month.  Praying that I would get guidance for the post-retirement direction for my life. 

Then:  The week after Easter, 2015:  an amazing conviction on the potential excitement of this blog/podcast/coaching future. 

A rebirth, of sorts. For me.  On Easter. 

Amazing? Over-reacting? I don’t know, but it seems like a really odd “coincidence”.  I am truly inspired by the excitement of the idea. Think of it: the story behind the URL name, the conviction I felt as I waited that 1/2 second to find if it was available. The ideas racing through my head on directions this could lead.

I am a Believer in Jesus Christ. 

How does God speak to us today?  Do you know?  Have you heard Him? There’s a mystery of how The Holy Spirit speaks to us. There are things which are too personal in nature to answer for everyone,  but I do know the excitement I’ve felt over the past Milestone 48 Hours. It seems possible to me, from all rational interpretation, that this indeed may a way God has placed this hobby into my hands as an inspiration in preparation for retirement.  Inspired? Wow, lofty word, that. Wouldn’t claim that, but just raising the question.

Is it possible? 


Written: April 11, 2015 10:15 pm

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  1. I like this post. I’ve read all your newer stuff and was digging into the archives. I’m on the path to retire, but still 10 years out. I share in your love and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Incredible to think that we are 500 years past the Protestant Reformation. From that era we learned that scripture (the Bible) is the only way God speaks to us today (sola scriptura). God has revealed himself to us in nature as well, but we cannot learn of Jesus Christ from nature. But nature does leave every man without excuse that there is a God.


    Keep up the great work

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