The Seasons Are Changing (And I’m Writing A Book!)

I love it when the Georgia heat succumbs to the inevitable crispness of the Fall.  Autumn has long been my favorite season, with the changing of the colors portending the changing landscape. The light greens of Spring, having given way to the dark green of summer, now cool to those initial hints of the arriving fall color. Anticipation builds as the cooler weather entices longer hikes in the mountains.


This post isn’t about that kind of season.

No, today’s post is about a different kind of season. 


verb (used with object)
to indicate in advance; to foreshadow or presage, as an omen does: The street incident may portend a general uprising.

If you’ve been a long-time reader of this blog, I thank you for your loyalty.  For the first four years on this blog, I wrote a post every single week.  It was a priority for me, and I treated it as such.  If you’re perceptive, you’ve noticed a change to that pattern since we took our sabbatical during The Great American Road Trip this past summer.  “Being Present” as we traveled across the country became my priority, and my weekly writing ended its 220-week endurance run.  I always wondered when that weekly streak would end.  

Now I know.

I assumed I’d resume my weekly writing upon our return to our retirement mountain cabin at the close of summer.  The intent was there, and I still have 90 drafts awaiting their completion in my hopper.  I have a lot more to say on these pages, and I suspect I’ll continue to write on this blog for years to come.

But Seasons Change.

Leaves portend a changing landscape.  My writing hasn’t resumed on a weekly pace since I’ve returned to our retirement cabin, and it’s time to tell you why.

As the leaves signal a change in the seasons, so my irregular writing portends a change in priorities.  After publishing just one post after our return in August, this post is my third in September.  I suspect October will be lucky if it sees two posts.  Ironically, I’ve been writing more these past few weeks than at any other time in my life, it’s just that you haven’t been privy to the words I’ve written. 

It’s strange, as a blogger, to write thousands of words without publishing any of them.  There’s a reason for this phenomenon, and it excites me to announce what’s been happening behind the scenes.  

My writing has been inconsistent since The Great American Road Trip, and it's time to tell you why. I'm Writing A Book!! Share on X

I’m Writing A Book!

Someone once told me to be prepared for unexpected opportunities in retirement.  I wish I could remember the source because those were wise words, and that person deserves credit for the advice.  I’ve considered writing a book for several years, but could never bring myself to address the inevitable complications of finding a publisher, contracting the cover artwork, etc.

Alas, an unexpected opportunity has presented itself, and I’m now in the process of writing a book!  I made the announcement recently on my Facebook page, but today I wanted to share a bit more of the background.

In mid-August, I was approached by a publisher with an opportunity to write a book about retirement.  I can’t share a lot of details at this point, but I’m excited about where this is heading.  After several phone calls with the publisher, we worked through the details and I’m now officially under contract!

Between now and Christmas, I am writing a book!  The topic, as you’ve likely guessed, is focused on how to achieve a great retirement, and you’ll see a lot of the themes in the book which I’ve addressed over the years here on The Retirement Manifesto. I have three critical milestone dates during the process, which concludes with a hard deadline of December 18th to submit the final manuscript.  I’ll spend the better part of January working through the final edits, and I’ll hand it off to the production team by February.  

I completed my first milestone last week (The Intro and Chapter 1), and my managing editor was thrilled with the content.  Needless to say, my priorities are going to be impacted during this particular season, and the frequency of my posts will likely suffer as a result.  I wanted to make you aware, and I trust you’ll be patient as I make the writing of this book my priority for the coming season.

It’s hard to describe how much I enjoy writing.  I tried to explain it in my post “On Being A Writer”, but the words fall woefully short.  Suffice it to say that it’s become a passion of mine in retirement, and I’m happy to have discovered this love. I’m also honored to have been given this opportunity, and I’m attempting to write a book that every one of my readers will find of value.  I’m writing it with you in mind, and I’m pleased with the results thus far.  I’m pursuing a dream, and I’m loving every minute of it.

If you like The Retirement Manifesto, I think you’re going to love this book.  At this point, the publisher is targeting to have the book available by the end of April 2020. Stay tuned, I’ll share more details in the months ahead.  

Seasons change. 

Retirement is a time where we’re free to pursue our dreams.

I’m pursuing mine.

I hope you’re doing the same.


  1. Fritz, I’m a huge fan of yours and look forward to next April to get my hands on your book! Best of luck with the publishing schedule. I’m sure you’ll knock it out of the park!

  2. Congratulations again Fritz! Super excited about it. Can’t wait to see what kind of wisdom you drop on me in April!

  3. Since I discovered your blog a few months ago I have read a lot of them( not all yet) and I am amazed with each one at your writing skills. I look forward to each new blog and what insight you have to share with all of us. Now we can anticipate your new book in the Spring. Both my wife and I will turn 62 this Fall and we are beginning to have some serious talks about when we want to retire. I’m leaning heavily towards working one more year and retiring at the end of 2020 at the age of 63. We’ll have two years of health care coverage to pay for, but my employer will let me stay on their plan for two years and pay the regular company premiums. We can handle that! It’s amazing how much of your advice I have put into place as I begin to plan for our departure from the workplace. Keep up the good words and I very much look forward to the new book.

    1. Dale, thanks so much for your comment, it’s the knowledge that I’m helping people like you that motivates me to write this blog. As you’ll see as you work through my articles, I did decide to work “one more year” and don’t regret the decision. I wish you the best as you approach The Starting Line, and am honored to be a resource for your journey.

  4. Congratulations! I look forward to reading this and sharing more of your wisdom with my friends and family. Hope to see this available as an eBook on Amazon!

  5. Fritz,
    I’ve been following you long enough to know you have a lot off great things to share. While I looked forward to your weekly posts, I’m happy to wait for your book and I’m happy for you. Your “On Being A Writer” post was important to me and my thoughts of writing and blogging including the Stephen King On Writing recommendation.
    Thanks and happy writing!

    1. John, thanks for being a loyal reader, and thanks for reaching out the other day. I’m pleased to hear you’ve started your blog @ yourextrainnings, and happy to know my words have encouraged you to pursue the hobby of blogging.

  6. Fritz, it is going to be tough to be “patient” awaiting the publication of your book next April. Have enjoyed reading your writing since we met on that plane between Paris and Atlanta and eagerly look forward to your postings.

    1. Don, I am SO pleased to see your comment on this post! Our encounter on that plane made a big impact on me and the readers of this blog. I’m hopeful it will also impact the readers of my book. It’s 4:00 am in the morning, and I couldn’t sleep after I realized I HAD to use that story as the opening of Chapter 5 in the book. I got out of bed 30 minutes ago and started writing (I find that early, early morning is my best time to write). Here’s the first draft for the opening paragraph of the most important chapter in the book:

      “I first noticed his WWII Veteran cap when I was boarding the plane in Paris. When he sat down just six rows ahead of me on the plane, I knew I had to find a way to talk to him during the 8-hour flight back to the USA. Halfway through the flight, I approached him and asked if he’d mind if I asked him a quick question. “Sure,” he smiled, “I’m not doing anything else for the next few hours.” My quick question turned into an amazing 45-minute conversation which will impact me for the rest of my life. Now that I’m writing this book, the conversation I had with him will also impact yours.”

  7. Stupendous News! Your book will come out just before my early retirement in May. I can’t wait to purchase and read. Happy writing!!

  8. Congrats and good luck on the book writing process! You’ll have to share with us more details about how the book agreement came about and how the financial aspect of book writing works. I think a lot of people would be very interested.

    I decided to self publish myself and it’s been a fun process. It was definitely hard for the first 3 to 6 months, but once it’s set and registered with the library of Congress, it’s like a nice annuity that keeps on giving.


    1. Thanks for the congrats, Sam. I wish I could share the details (it’s been a fascinating process), but afraid the details are covered under a Non-Disclosure Agreement. I did consider self-publishing at one point, but have to say this is a preferred approach for me. Much less hassle, and allows me to focus on the part I love best, writing the book! Publisher will take care of all editing, cover art work, etc. We’ll work on marketing jointly. I’ll get a copy of the pre-released book over to you if you’d be interested in having a look, just let me know.

  9. No problem with the sabbatical from writing – I’ve taken a sabbatical from reading.

    I’m thiiiiiis close to bagging the one more year. An 18 day trip next May might just extend for a few more unscripted weeks in Germany, Austria and Sicily… I’d be so far in the hole on vacation time when I returned I would HAVE to work for one more year!

    I’m looking forward to the book before my trip begins…

  10. Congrats Fritz! This is amazing news. Can’t wait to read it!

    Also, I completely understand falling off the writing wagon. I have been completely MIA this year initially due to starting a podcast and because we were off galavanting around the USA and now Europe for a few months. I haven’t even been able to keep up with my FIRE blog reading either. Hoping to get back on the horse soon, you’re an inspiration!

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