The Ultimate Pre-Retirement Checklist: An Infographic

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This week is National Retirement Planning Week (who knew?)!  In support of the occasion, I’ve created a handy infographic “cheat sheet” for anyone within 5 years of retirement.  This Pre-Retirement Checklist Infographic is a compliment to my recent post, The Ultimate Pre-Retirement Checklist.

It joins two infographics already in the stable here at The Retirement Manifesto, with more to join in the future (I like infographics, but find it difficult to carve out the time required for their creation):

Together, today’s infographic and the post on The Ultimate Pre-Retirement checklist provide a roadmap for anyone who is within 5 years of retirement.  Thanks to all for your comments on the original post, I’ve updated the checklist with your suggested additions, and appreciate your interaction with my posts.



The conclusion I wrote in the original article “The Ultimate Pre-Retirement Checklist” is also appropriate for the Infographic conclusion here.  The conclusion is copied below, in its original entirety:

Retirement is one of the biggest changes we face in our lives.  Be intentional in your planning, and use this checklist to ensure you don’t miss any of the steps required to Achieve A Great Retirement.

I’d like to build on this checklist and hereby request that you add suggestions in the comments.  I’ll add new items to the post above as your comments come in.  Together, let’s build the Ultimate Pre-Retirement Checklist!

I hope this checklist is helpful for you and look forward to chatting with you in the comments, as always.


  1. Nice info graphic! For those over 50. I would probably list: check out local senior services and retailer discounts. So many services have different age qualifications. Here Senior Bus transportation is age 60 and State Park entry fees. Auto insurance discounts at age 50 with some carriers. Our senior center membership starts at age 55. Reduced property tax age 65
    And a real biggy is estimate your new income taxes and become familiar with the Social Security worksheet that determines how much of it will be taxable in your situation.
    If you think you will retire before age 65 look at the healthcare options and cost before Medicare. Our state has a Great website to access to determine the choices under Obamacare and the qualifications for subsidy. I just help a neighbor last night who was waiting grudgingly to 65 and she found out she would pay less for her insurance because of subsidy then what she is paying through her employer. At 61 she is going to run her numbers now for next February when she is sixty two and join her 70 plus husband in their retirement dream of travel.

  2. Nice work, Fritz! I would even suggest making this your desktop wallpaper, so each step gets emblazoned on your mind while you’re toiling away in the cubicle. You could add a bullet about evaluating places you might want to move to, for tax benefits, recreation, weather, etc.

  3. Looks great Fritz! I always find infographics helpful, all the more when they are actionable like this one. Well done.

  4. Plan to De Stress by lots of Rest
    to be at your Best
    for all you’ve planned on your dream checklist. .
    😊 Lara

  5. For younger folks, at 6 months put together your 30-second retirement elevator pitch so that if/when people ask what you’re doing after you retire, you have an answer. I suggest a synopsis that invites no conversation for those who are acquaintances, envious, or might not sincerely wish you well– and a more genuine one for those you have real relationships with, who you might positively affect.

  6. Very nice, infographic, Fritz! What did you use to make this Georgia O’Keeffe masterpiece?

    I like Cubert’s idea of making this your desktop wallpaper… well, maybe not you since you’re so-o-o-o close to being out, but good for me and others closing in on the process.

    — Jim

  7. Hi Fritz

    Great infographic! Thanks for sharing. I would recommend that a pre-retiree establish a team of advisors 2 – 3 years before retirement to held guide them through the process. The team could include a lawyer, financial advisor, accountant, etc. For me, it was quite helpful to have people that I could call if I had any questions.

    Also, one should be be careful when moving data from a work to a home computer such that confidential information from your employer is not removed.

    All the best.

    1. Good advice, Mack. Even for “Do-It-Yourself” types (like me), there are times when it pays to have technical expertise. I have a CPA, an insurance guy, and a lawyer. Worth the $ to make sure you get things right.

      Good point on the confidential information, I addressed that in the longer Checklist post, but excluded it from the infographic for brevity.

  8. Six months to go, one item to consider is about health insurance. Schedule doctor’s appointments and any elective health needs before you leave your current coverage. I didn’t have many needs, but I did do a full set of dental x-rays, and eye exam, and blood work on my company’s health plan. If I did those now they are all out-of-pocket, even with Obamacare.

    Nice infographic. Beautiful work.

  9. Hey, were you looking over our shoulders as Mrs. Groovy and I geared up for retirement? Our path to retirement followed your infographic to the tee. Bravo, my friend. A lot of wisdom there. Of all the checklist bullets, I like these two the best.

    Target 30X of spending for portfolio (It’s essential to have a cushion, especially in the first five years of retirement.)

    Setup a password keeper (We use Keypass. What with a 144 passwords to manage, it’s a godsend.)

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