What’s Your It?

I had a thought while I was running on the treadmill tonight at my “City Apartment”.

What’s Your “It”?

Strange thought, and requires some explanation.  I’ll keep it brief, but it’s an important question.

What’s a major thing that you focus on at this point in your life?

What gets you excited?

What motivates you?

That’s An “It”

That thing that you focus on, that’s an “It”.

Think about the phrase:

This Is It!!

Ever notice how “This Is It!! is always followed with exclamation points? (!!!!!!!)

That’s because it’s exciting.  It’s a big deal.  “This is it!”


What’s Your It?

Find It.

P.S. Word Play

I was torn on the title of today’s article between “What’s Your It?” and “What’s Your This?”.

Ironically, both “IT” and “THIS” work for this post (don’t believe, me, try it.  Replace “It” with “This” in the article above, then re-read it.  See, it works!  Cool, right!?).

Thanks to my awesome new friends over on the Rockstar Finance Forum for settling my dilemma.  Based on a poll I did in the Forum, “It” won by a score of 75% to 13% – see below.  I thought you may enjoy the “backstory” behind the title of today’s post!

Shoutout to my friends in the Forum for naming today’s post via your votes!

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P.S. I’m currently working out a technical gltich on my site, comments aren’t always appearing, I’m working on getting them published.  Keep ’em coming, I do see them in my “admin view”, and I love the comments about What Is Your It .


  1. I’ve climbed a few mountains in my time. Whether they are physical, mental, or emotional they all have one thing in common – the climb sucks. It’s hard. It hurts. But as soon as you get to the top of that mountain the beauty around you makes all those struggles disappear. That is my IT. The beauty in surviving the struggle. It makes you stronger and able to appreciate the climb that much more.

    Hey – you didn’t mention what your IT is?!!!

    1. I like the mountain analogy, Miss Mazuma! Nice “It”! Struggles are something to be embraced, as without the rain we don’t enjoy the sun!

      Funny you asked about my “It”. I didn’t really specify my “it”, intentionally, as I wanted folks to think about their “It” without being biased by mine. I have several “it’s”, and I’m finding it hard to isolate it to one. I’m going to hold off a bit before announcing my “it”, I like the dialogue that’s starting in these comments and am going to let it run awhile. I can assure you, writing this has created some thinking on my part. All good, all healthy, all enjoyable. Think about your “it”!!

      1. Love Miss Mazuma’s comment. This is probably TMI, but her analogy about climbing mountains reminds me of childbirth. It’s the most difficult thing I’ve ever done. I remember when I went into labor with our first. The pain was SO difficult. I said to Rick, “I’ve changed my mind. I don’t want to do this.” “Well,” he said, “it’s kinda late for that now.”

        But after you hold that baby all of the pain, it just diminishes completely. The memories of it are virtually non-existent.

        Debt payoff and FI goals are similar. It sucks not spending money. Working overtime. Doing side hustles. But like MM said, when you get to the top makes it worth it. 🙂

        1. Laurie, great to see you on my site, and a really good analogy. Far from being TMI, it’s a way of looking at FI thru a difference lens, and it’s a good one! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. My “It” right now is peacefulness. I know it’s not exciting but it’s important to me. I have a constant dialogue in my head I’m trying to quiet that tells me I must be doing this, this and that. It’s gotta go. I’m concentrating on enjoying the present moment.

    Thanks for the shout-out!

    1. Mrs G, having problems with my comments, darn gremlins. LOVE the idea of “peacefulness” for your “it” in your first year of retirement! Time to slow that active mind of yours!

    1. FYI, if your on blue host what was killing my comments was the stupid marketplace blue host installs. I deactivated it and my comments returned to normal.

      My IT is right now giving myself options for the next phase we pursue, whatever that may be. We’re in a situation where I see major changes on the horizon in terms of where we live going forward. Its only a matter of time until that change occurs and as such we’re building to prepare for the difficulties of moving a family of 4 somewhere.

      1. Thanks FTF! I was able to find someone to help, turns out it was a cache problem with my Sitelock plugin. All fixed now! I love your “IT” of “Options”. Options are a huge part of our FIRE plans, it’s the first time in your life where you can be truly free to pursue your passion. With a family of 4, your smart to focus on maintaining your options! Good luck with the possible move!

  3. I never thought of “It” as I have been a “Why” guy. You really have me thinking!

    Well done and I look forward hearing folks share their “It” as it inspires everyone.

    I’m going to agree with Mrs Groovy and go with “Peace” given all that goes on this time of year!

    Thoughtful and timely. Great piece!

  4. My “IT” has been remaining physically fit and getting our debt paid down. Both have been difficult this month. I took a coaching job which is during the time I usually work-out and as it is taking time from family, it is difficult to take more. I’ll probably start getting up just a bit earlier than I already do to try to fit something in.

    cd :O)

    1. Wow, I’m right up there w Tony Robbins, how cool is that! Huffington Post, are you catching this!!??

      Slow travel with your boys is a wonderful “It”, Doc. Love your stuff, can’t wait to see how your life unfolds after FIRE (I think we’re on the same timeline!).

  5. My “it” is to make sure I do my best to create the life I want, and to make sure I keep at “it” every single day!

    Having regrets is one of the worst feelings in life and I want to try and make sure I don’t have any.

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