A Move, Fostering Dogs, A Fishing Trip, A Caribbean Vacation, A Home Sale & A Wedding. In 37 Days.

Have you ever had a period in your life where everything happened back to back to back, seemingly out of your control, and at hyperspeed?

I’m living it.  As I type these words.

Tonight, as I write this post, I’m 72 hours away from walking my daughter down the aisle.

From walking my daughter down the aisle.

My only daughter.  And our only child.

Words are insufficient to explain the feelings racing through my mind.

Emotions.  Memories.  Prayers. Excitement.  You name it.  Big.  Really, really big.

My daughter’s wedding is 72 hours away.

Yes, we’re all excited.  Really, really excited.  A big event in life.  And it’s only 72 hours away!  It’s being held at a beautiful vineyard in the North Georiga mountains, and it’s going to be great.  My sister’s coming into town tomorrow, so I’m heading back to the mountains and will dedicate the rest of the week (appropriately) to the wedding, and focusing on this family celebration.

A Letter To My Daughter, And Her Fiance

I’ll apologize in advance for a short post this week, but I’ve been spending my “writing time” this week writing a letter to my daughter and her fiance.  We’re really excited for them and wanted to share some personal thoughts on their “Wedding Eve”. I’m reading it “in public” at the rehearsal dinner on Friday night, 22 hours before she walks down the aisle.   I’m going to be a mess. I just completed it, and I think it does a reasonable job of sharing the thoughts I want to say to them on the evening before their wedding.

Our daughter & her fiance

I considered having “The Letter” as a potential subject of a future post, but have decided against it.  It’s something deeply personal, and it deserves to stay that way. Trust you understand.

“The Letter” has, appropriately,  taken a lot of my “writing time” this week, and I’m happy about that.  Hate to break it to you, readers, but my daughter’s wedding is more important than you.  Sorry, can we still be friends?

So tonight, after working for hours this week on “The Letter”, I’m writing a brief post to update you on some major developments on our journey into retirement.   It’s been a heckuva ride…..

The Past 37 Days

Our life, like most of yours, has periods of intense activity followed by periods of relative calm.  After this Saturday, I expect the calm will return.  Before it does, I thought you’d (sadistically) enjoy my life of the past 37 days.

In timeline fashion, here we go:

June 15:  My wife and I rescue 6 puppies (actually went to the house and rescued them ourselves), and become foster parents for the next month.  We become “Foster Fails”, and decide to adopt our favorite puppy, “Chocolate Chip” (Chippy for short).

How can you say “no” to this cute guy?  The newest member of our family, Dog #4, “Chippy”

June 18:   We moved the last load of our belongings from the Good Cabin to the Great Cabin.  Our move is officially complete, and the new World HQ of The Retirement Manifesto is now in operation!

The New World HQ Of The Retirement Manifesto (with The Assistant, Coco, asleep on the job)

June 21:  The “Good” Cabin gets listed on the market.  Our house is now officially for sale.

June 24:  Awesome visit with The Groovies! at our Great cabin.  I do my Trash Talking VLog Guest Appearance Debut with Mr. Groovy.  Our retirement town is now just a bit cleaner than it was on June 23rd, and my wife and I have a personal relationship with some new friends whose real names aren’t Mr. & Mrs. Groovy.

June 28:  I leave for a 3-day fly fishing expedition in Canada.  Atlantic Salmon.  Wow, what an experience. (In full transparency, the pic below was the biggest one during the trip and was caught by a friend. No bragging rights here….)

Imagine catching one of these beasts on a fly rod!

July 11:  My wife and I leave for a 5 Day Caribbean Vacation, which was booked before our daughter got engaged. Turns out to be a well-timed break a week before our daughter’s wedding.

Half Moon Cay, Bahamas

July 15:  Air Conditioner breaks at our new cabin.  Good thing it’s not hot in Georgia in late July, ha!  House-sitter calls our HVAC contractor at our request.  It’s shot, a new one is ordered. THIS is why we have an Emergency Fund, and we apply it to the new unit.  A $4k unexpected maintenance expense?  No “sweat” (bad pun).

July 19:  Family starts arriving for the wedding, I pick up my tuxedo for The Big Event.

July 20:  We accept an offer on The Good Cabin.  Looks like we’ve got it sold!   New HVAC unit installed in The Great Cabin, just in time for the wedding.

July 21:  Rehearsal dinner, and the public reading of “The Letter” to my daughter and her fiance.

July 22:   I’ll walk our daughter, our only child, down the aisle on her wedding day.

37 days.

A move, fostering dogs, a fishing trip, a Caribbean vacation, a house sale and a wedding.

So, yeah.  Today’s post is kinda short.

I trust you understand.

Enjoy your summer, and realize in spite of crazy times in the rapids, smoother waters are ahead.  (BTW, if your rough waters include a timeshare that you can’t get rid of, check out my friend at TimeShareCancellationExpert to help you smooth out your waters).

I’m off to a wedding.

I’m going to be a mess.


  1. Oh man, talk about a busy month! Congratulations on your daughter’s wedding! I will never forget walking down the aisle with my dad, it is one of the most amazing moments of my life 🙂

    I hope you have some solid R&R coming up (in your new “great cabin”!), enjoy the summer sunshine!

    1. Mrs AR, walking down the aisle is a lifelong memory, regardless of whether you’re the bride or the father. It will be a special moment I’ll treasure for the rest of my life! Looking forward to that R&R…..tho we’ve had another snag that just came up on our cabin sale, may write about it next week….will the madness ever end??

    1. Unfortunately, I’m still working! (Left that out, but I’ve also tried to work all but 1 week of the past 37 days. Yep, kinda crazy…

      And yes, we were VERY intentional to savor every detail of the wedding. It was, indeed, a special day!

  2. Congratulations (to Jackie as well) on the wedding, a new son-in-law, Chippy, meeting the Groovy’s, selling the good cabin, not hurting yourself on the roof slide, vacation, and a new air conditioner! 🙂 Phew, what a couple of months you are having! My mom sends her congrats too!

    1. Hey Amy, thanks for the congrats. It’s been a whirlwind, feels good to be (almost) done. Had a pretty major blip on the cabin sale last night, may write a post about it next week….the chaos continues…(say hi to your Mom from Jackie and I!)

  3. Yayyyy!!! Congrats on your daughter’s upcoming wedding! That’s going to be so much fun. 🙂 I know it’s a bittersweet occasion, but she’s going off and doing great things. It’s a sign that you’re an awesome dad and you’ve done good. 🙂 But wow, what a crazy 37 days it’s been! Little Chippy is uh-frickin’-dorable. 🙂

  4. I’m crying just reading this!!! I’m hoping our kids’ weddings are a bit off yet, but I know I’ll be a blubbering mess at all of them. Beautiful pic of your daughter and son-in-law – sending many congrats! That is a LOT of stuff in 37 days. I think you guys need another vacation. 🙂

    1. If you’re crying reading this, you’d be swimming in your tears with “The Letter”. Wow, that was tough, but I’m SOOO glad I wrote it, and read it aloud. Important stuff, this!

      I’m “all in” for that vacation. Can you call my boss for me?

  5. Congrats! You have hit all the milestones to retire. Child married and fully an adults, cabin in the woods, fishing, dog adoption. What else is left. You should just take that time and retire (if Fritz’s boss is reading I am sure he would say that you should not listen to the readers and he still enjoys working!). Anyway, sounds like an awesome month. One for the record books. Enjoy the downtime now that the craziness of a wedding has passed!

  6. Busy much? I totally understand, hence why the other half of Team Waffles has been the one blogging for the past few months. Congrats on everything tho, sounds like life has been good to you (minus the air conditioner)! Hope the wedding was amazing!

  7. Congratulations!!! Congratulations!!!! Congratulations!!!! Congratulations!!!! Congratulations!!!
    We could not be happier for this amazing season you and sweet Jackie are living!!! So ecstatic for you getting a new son and a sweet new puppy, and an unexpected new air conditioner. The tremendous work that you two have done throughout your lives has enabled you to ride the rapids of this past crazy 37 days and fully enjoy every single joyful moment of it!!!! Well done!!!

    1. Kirk & Mona!! Two of my favorite people, and the first “commenters” who were AT THE WEDDING!! It was great to see you both, and you made the wedding even more special! Thanks for your note, and thanks more for your friendship. Kirk, good luck back on the trail (I’m thinking a Guest Post will be in order upon your return)!

  8. Congratulations to you, Jackie, Maddi, and the groom! And also to Chippy, for getting himself great new pet parents!

    And then there’s the sale of the good home. Can things get any better in Fritzer-land? We’re so happy for you. Thanks for making time for us in the middle of all this whirlwind activity.

    Talk soon!

    1. We had no choice – we HAD to take Chippy since you said “No”! Thanks for the congrats.

      Afraid we’ve had a land mine go off on the home sale….I think I’ll write a post about it next week….things may not be able to get much better, but amazing how quickly they can get worse! We’ll survive, but afraid we have a bit of a fly in our soup at the moment…stay tuned.

  9. Congratulations on your daughter getting married. Wow, you have a busy life now that you are retired. That is a nice salmon. I once went for salmon up in NY state. My friend caught a few and I caught none. It was still fun watching them swim by like small submarines. Good luck with the pup.

  10. I have kept up with everything in your past 37 days but somehow missed the announcement of Chippy!! How exciting!! You gained 2 sons in 37 days. 😉

    I am so happy for you all and the new transitions you’re making. I can’t wait to visit the great cabin and meet all the pups (and of course your lovely wife) in person. Oh, and for the record, the letter you wrote for the rehearsal was AMAZING. 😘

    1. 2 sons in 37 days, cool way to think of it! He’s a cutie (the pup, duh, don’t think my son-in-law would appreciate me calling him a cutie…), you’ll love Chippy when you stop by on your way to the AT! Thx for stopping by!

  11. Heartfelt congratulations, proud Papa of the Bride! All best wishes for you and your growing family!

  12. Congrats! You’ve had an even crazier month than us I think. I can’t even imagine having our girls old enough to get married but I know it will be here in a flash. Enjoy the wedding day – all the best to the happy couple!

  13. I’ve been following your month on Twitter and wow – yes, a real crazy adventure. Life ebbs and flows like that here too. A few months of quiet and then a flurry of activity. As long as we don’t live in that flurry (well…OK – we’ve been in a flurry for a few months now too…) for too long, we can handle it. I can’t imagine living a life where it is just one activity, event to the next week after week! Glad you made it through and enjoyed every minute of it! (WOW – could that roof fall have really screwed things up if you got hurt!)

  14. Good luck with your daughter’s wedding! What a big event. I can’t even begin to think about my girl getting married. Thankfully we’ve still got plenty of time before that happens.

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