A Special Christmas Edition

Today, as a special Christmas edition of The Retirement Manifesto, I’ve decided to minimize the written word and share some photographs I made during a recent snowstorm in the North Georgia mountains.  I enjoy photography, and intend to pursue it a bit more seriously post-retirement.

Today, I'm giving a gift in the only way I know how in this world of Social Media. I hope you enjoy the pics! Click To Tweet

Somehow, it seemed appropriate to give you a gift, of sorts.   Something for you to enjoy as a way of saying “Thank You” for your loyalty as a reader.  You’re growing in number, and I appreciate your support.  I’ve ended today’s “Special Edition” post with a particularly touching video which I encourage you to watch, it’s gone viral for good reason.  It highlights what’s really important this Christmas Season.

With that, enjoy the photographs from our Georgia Appalachian Mountain Snow Storm last week, as a gift from me to you.  More importantly, treasure your time with family and enjoy your Christmas break!

The Toccoa River

My swimming area at Morganton Point – Lake Blue Ridge

An old quarry less than a mile from our Great Cabin

The Toccoa River (where I’ll be fly fishing a LOT in my post-retirement years!)

Lake Blue Ridge, GA

The Toccoa River off Aska Road (near where my drone met its untimely death…)

Chippy – our most recent Rescue Pup (we have 4!)

In addition to the photographs of our “Winter Wonderland”, I’d encourage you to take a minute to enjoy the following video, which went viral for good reason.  My favorite part is when the quartet rides up the escalator.  Most important is the message which the video portrays.  I love how the shoppers stop, as if in sudden realization of what Christmas is really all really about.

Take time to appreciate the things that really matter this holiday season.

Enjoy your Christmas season and best wishes for a Happy New Year 2018!  As of today, I’m out for the balance of the year.  I’ll return in the New Year with plenty of new articles!  I’m looking forward to it.,

Merry Christmas!


  1. That MUST be the Mall of America with that flash mob, no?
    Thanks for the wonderful photos, Fritz. Almost makes me think I can tolerate winters at some point. You’d never guess I live in Minnesota based on my pure unadulterated hatred of winter. But I’m working on it. Having little kids who love to sled and make snowmen helps immeasurably.
    Merry Christmas, my friend. And I look forward to more Manifesto Mayhem in 2018!

  2. Wow, incredible pics! It’s so photogenic when the snow manages to just cover tree branches enough and doesn’t get blown off by the wind.

    Merry Christmas Fritz!

  3. Love the photos Fritz! Thanks for putting a smile on my face this morning. And thanks for your friendship.

    Love to Jackie and the family from Mr. G and me.

    Merry Christmas!

  4. What beautiful pictures…..we have had some snow but nothing to match your shots. Better luck with the drone next year. Looking forward to more of your great posts. May you, your family and all of your readers have a peaceful Christmas and all you wish for in the New Year. Val and Ian from across the pond.

  5. Merry Xmas….the snow is beautiful and I am glad you are able to enjoy so much nature in your own backyard..

    I will be spending the weekend working in the hospital, but at least I will be helping people feel better.

  6. Your pictures are so beautiful that I “almost” wish to live in around snow and ice. You’ve got the White Christmas for sure. I also enjoyed the video. Even though it’s from 2012, it still has a great appeal and brought a little tear of joy to my eyes. Thank you for the present!

  7. Trust you’ll all accept a “mass response” instead of my usual “individual response” (Hey, it’s Christmas Break!!). I’m happy that you all like the gift I brought you today!

    And, as for GA being a winter wonderland, you may be interested to know that 1 week after I took these photos I was outside running in shorts and a t-shirt, on a beautiful 65F December evening! Ah, gotta love those Southern Winters!!

    Merry Christmas to all, and sincere Best Wishes for your dreams to come true in 2018!! Logging off now, taking my wife out to our favorite place for lunch. The Christmas break has officially begun!!

  8. Thanks for the photos and link to the Mall flash mob. It brought tears to my eyes to watch the singers and patrons enjoy the day. The Joseph and Mary with the baby Jesus arriving and everyone kneeling is what brought on the tears. Thanks again and enjoy a well deserved Christmas break.

  9. Merry Christmas Fritz! These pictures are so beautiful, there’s nothing like fresh snow to make regular views look magical. We’re having an almost brown Christmas this year (super rare for here) and I am missing the snow more than I thought I would! It’s nice driving on dry roads but it just doesn’t feel festive (I also blame it on why I’m so behind on everything this year).

    PS. Adorable addition to your rescue pup family.

  10. Fritz,
    Great post as usual. The video was awesome, and the photos were beautiful. Thanks for sharing with us.
    Hope you and your family have an incredible Christmas season!

  11. Beautiful pictures…you have the talent for photography as well as writing! We were in North GA as well during the “snowstorm”….awesome to experience it first-hand…being a native of Florida. Hoping to meet you in person someday at the Barking Lot. Merry Christmas and enjoy your downtime…you deserve it!

  12. Some of these photos look like they are coming straight out of Narnia (I have ALOT of obsessed nieces)! They pop out of the screen and make me feel like I am having a true white christmas!

    Happy Holidays, and I look forward to your future posts!

  13. Wow, Fritz! Beautiful pictures. Who knew winter could look so good on Georgia? And who knew a dog named Chippy and some Christmas mall singers could make the heart of an old curmudgeon like me melt? You’re the best, my friend. Here’s to a wonderful 2018 for you, Jackie, and your family.

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