Do You Want To Be Younger In 2018 Than In 2017?

I hate New Year’s Resolutions, and I can’t remember the last time I made one.

Why make them, if you’re most likely going to break them?  That doesn’t make sense to me.  Call me cynical, but that’s just not the way I think about challenging myself to improve.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love thinking about how I can move life from Good To Great, and I enjoy having goals.  I think often about both my long- and short-term goals, and where my life is going.  I do it informally, by constantly watching for opportunities to create improvements in my life and developing personal challenges.   I push myself to achieve the goals I set for myself (like writing this blog).  Do you?

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Make the pursuit of challenges an ongoing habit in your life. It’s a way of Living Life At The Limits, and it keeps life interesting.  Most of you know that I’m a bit of a fitness nut, and I’m always on the lookout for opportunities to challenge myself.  I grab onto interesting things as they cross my path.  It’s why I swam in the cold waters of London on an early November morning.  It’s something that keeps me young.

It works for me.

Try it……It just may work for you.

Today, I’ll give you your chance….

A Bunch Of Folks Decide To Get Younger Together

Something exciting happened last week, and it generated this post today.  A new Community/Movement/Revolution was launched, and it’s rapidly taking shape.  It’s only a week old, but it’s starting to run.  And it’s starting to run….


Do You Want To Be Younger?

This development is a legitimate way to make you Younger In 2018 Than In 2017, if you’re willing to commit to doing a bit of work. A bunch of folks are joining in, and this thing is gaining momentum.  The fact that it’s timing falls in line with New Year’s resolutions is irrelevant, in my book (tho, in fairness, it’s a good time to launch the challenge, as many folks are thinking about trying to get into shape for the New Year).

This movement is a great opportunity and I’m convinced that it can, indeed, help in your quest to Achieve A Great Retirement (my byline).  It’s a group of friends with similar interests urging each other on to mutual success.  If you’re interested, check it out.  You don’t have to commit today.  Just explore and see if it’s something that interests you.   I’ll show you below, but in case you’re impatient and just want to head over there now here’s the link, but please don’t go there yet 🙂 

The group’s open to all, and readers are especially encouraged to participate.

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The Birth

The excitement all started on Dec 31, 2017 when Vicki @ MakeSmarterDecisions sent the following Tweet and, in the process,  Launched A Movement……

The Birth Of #YoungerNextYear2018:

What’s Younger Next Year All About?

Ok, a quick little background so you know what all of the excitement is about.  Younger Next Year is a concept developed by the late Dr. Henry Lodge.  He launched the whole Younger Next Year movement with his New York Time’s bestselling book “Younger Next Year”, co-written with one of his patients Chris Crowley (A lawyer who retired in his mid-60’s and applied the principles in the book in his own life, with amazing results).

As a medical doctor, “Harry” built a program that’s based on medically-supported common sense, and (most importantly)…

It Works.

Scientifically proven, over several decades and counting.  With many clients who are out skiing this winter in the Western Rockies  (or Tahoe or Whistler) even though they’re hitting their mid-70’s…

….It’s Proven.

I’m pursuing it, and I encourage you to do the same.

The Book That Started It All


45 Minutes A Day, 6 Days A Week

The formula developed in the book is fairly straightforward.  Without giving away the entire book, it boils down to getting 45 minutes of moderate exercise 6 days a week.  A moderate walk counts.

Just get your body moving for 45 minutes a day, at a moderate pace. It's not that hard. #YoungerNextYear Click To Tweet

The book is well worth a read, and I guarantee it’ll motivate you to give it a try.  I get no commissions from the book sales, I’m just passing it along as a helpful tip to a friend.  It’s what friends do.

A friend first recommended the book to me a year ago (thanks again, Montana Money Adventures), and I was hooked   It really motivated me to get serious about my physcial fitness.  I wrote a post about it, which you can read at Do You Want To Be Younger Next Year? 

How A Movement Goes Viral

I may be over-exuberant in my excitement.  I do that sometimes.

It’s too early to call, but this most recent development just may go viral (there’s that over-exuberant bit).  Regardless, the activity over the past week has been fascinating.  I’ve not been witness to a movement that’s actually gone viral, but I think this one has a shot.  I sincerely hope so, as I believe strongly that it’s a movement that could benefit millions of people, including you.

It all started when Jon Chevreau, a true ROCKSTAR of Personal Finance (and the #1 Personal Finance Influencer in Canada), took notice of Vicki’s tweet and got personally involved.

This Guy’s A Rockstar!    Source:

Jon is all over the Younger Next Year initiative, and promptly jumped in to promote the movement to his 67,000 Twitter Followers (!!!!!).  He also launched the announcement to his 3,922 followers on LinkedIn:

Jon is a huge fan of this concept, and he’s putting his weight behind the concept.

He’s got a lot of weight.

I’ve enjoyed interacting with Jon over the past week via email.  I don’t know him well yet, but I suspect he has a real Passion for the importance of physical fitness.  I sense that, anyway, and I really hope it’s the case.  There’s nothing better than chasing a Passion – we should all Strive to do the same.

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Jon wrote an article this past weekend on the movement titled Younger Next Year 2018: A New Facebook Group. He also blew me away by asking if I would grant permission for him to post my Do You Want To Be Younger Next Year post on his massive (this thing will reach the world!) site Financial Independence Hub.  I’m humbled beyond words and look forward to seeing where this goes.  (For the record, Jon may post this article instead.  We’ve agreed that he’ll choose based on which article will best connect with his audience.  Cool how this Blogging Community thing works, right?)

The Bottom Line:  This thing is getting visibility.

It’s gaining momentum.

Want in? 


….Click Here To Get Younger Next Year

So…the movement is launched.  The only question is whether or not you want to get involved.  Are you in?

What have you got to lose?  (besides a few pounds, haha – I hate corny jokes)

If you want to get involved, it’s easy.  Simply click on this Facebook Link to join the group. Vicki and the (rapidly growing) Gang will welcome you with open arms. For those who are more visually inclined, here’s a pic of the FB group (just click anywhere on the pic to join):

Just click the picture to get involved!

A Goal That Will Make A Difference

As we all work toward building a Great Retirement, it’s important to focus on maintaining our physical health. Health is not an assured thing, and we’re all getting older.  Things happen, but wouldn’t we benefit if we delayed the inevitable decline by 10 or 15 years?  It’s possible, and folks are doing it.  It’s an important element of retirement planning to think about what you can do to ensure you’ll be able to do the things you want to do and to do them for the longest time possible.

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Who can argue with increasing the odds of being able to to do the things you want to do?  Things like…..

In the words of that memorable Jimmy Buffet hit “Growing Older But Not Up”,

I’d Rather Die While I’m Living Than Live While I’m Dead. 

Conclusion – Do You Want To Be Younger?

As you think about creating your Great Retirement, take time to seriously consider your physical health.  The benefits to our lives, especially as we age, is worth the effort to develop some habits.  My wife’s thinking about trying Yoga.  I really hope she does.  I’m trying to start running a bit more.  What are you doing?  Feel free to leave a comment about what you do to keep in shape or suggestions for beneficial things that others could try.  Let’s start a discussion.

If you’re interested in checking out the newly formed Younger Next Year group,  simply click on the Facebook Group Page. Feel free to come on in and have a look around.  Decide if it’s something that works for you.

Everyone’s welcome, and everyone can benefit.

I hope to see you there.

Spread The Word.

Let’s Help People Achieve A Great Retirement.


  1. Awesome Fritz! I read that book years ago and loved it, I also have it as a recommend on my blog. And just FYI for your female readers they have a version tailored to women as well (including a pink cover).

    I’ve been living the Younger Next Year mantra for a while now in reality. It wasn’t too hard for me since I spent much of my 20’s and early 30’s drinking beer. So now in my 40’s I’m faster and stronger than ever.

    I use Strava to track the times on my runs and bike rides and I get a kick out of every time I set a new personal record. A “PR” as they’re called means that you just did something faster than you did before – and of course by default you have to be older.

    So every time I set a new 5k PR or a new hill climb PR on my bike, I like to say “I’m getting older and faster!”

    1. “I’m getting older and faster!” Great quote, AF, and exactly what this is all about!! Strava’s a cool app, tho I can’t track my swims so I feel like I miss too many of my workouts if I rely on Strava as my workout log.

  2. Hey Fritz! Repeat after me… “I LOVE New Year’s Resolutions. They are the best thing ever!” 😉

    Great idea. I am happy to report that my annual biometrics screening knocked my virtual age down five years to 40. I’d have loved to stay in my 30s, frankly, but you can’t fight Father Time (or is it Oprah?)

    My theory on this is to follow the Blue Zones approach. Hike daily like a shepherd minding his flock (or a grandmother minding her brood.) Stay close to family and care for your elders. Eat whole foods and enjoy a little daily wine. Limit the meat substantially. Live a spiritual life. You’ll live to 100 with good health and gray matter between your ears. Game on?

    1. I LOVE New Year’s Resolutions. They are the best thing ever.

      Hmm. Sorry, still not feeling it. I’ll have to look up the Blue Zones approach, love the concept, and I’m all about having gray matter between my ears when I’m 100…..

  3. “I may be over-exuberant” – you? Not you, Fritz! HA! You know what? If you’re going to be over-exuberant about anything, it should be about going after your WELLNESS! Because otherwise all that money is going to be spent on copays, prescriptions, therapy, and maybe even long-term care much earlier than we’d expect! I’m amazed by the group already. The articles, the encouragement, the variety of the way people exercise and most importantly, their commitment and excitement about being connected. Thanks for being your overly-excited self! You are a leader and I’m sure some of your followers will want to join in the fun!

    1. Over-exuberance, a personality trait I’m happy to claim. Beats the alternative, in my book!

      The FB group really has been a blast to be a part of from the start – thanks for launching it. I love that lady from New Zealand, tho the pics of her hot tub by those gorgeous summer flowers are killing me during this Northern Hemisphere cold snap! Love the community you gave birth to, looking forward to where it leads….

  4. Health is everything, isn’t it? Tragically, we most appreciate it when we don’t have it. It’s been so fun to see all of the happenings on the Facebook group. I’m hoping to be able to participate more…you know, when I get some free time back (I’m told that’ll be around the time this newborn turns 18?!). I’m working on adding more exercise and less sugar into my routine again. It’s the easiest thing to cut from my to-do list, and it’s also probably the worst.

    1. “We most appreciate it when we don’t have it”. SOOO true. My wife and I were talking about that yesterday (we’re both into day 6 of The Flu, and we’re suffering in misery together. Can’t wait to feel well again….).

      Take care of your health. It may not be everything, but it’s on the short list of things that matter! (I’d argue that enjoying that new baby of yours ranks a bit higher on the list!) Thanks for stopping by, and for being a member of the FB group!

  5. Vicki’s living in my head! “Over-exuberant? You?” Exactly what I thought. Great approach with forming the group!

    We’re walking 50 to 55 minutes 7 days a week (an occasional day missed due to travel or heavy rain but we did it ALL this week in the 20 degree weather — which you know is like the Antarctic for North Carolina).

    What does the book say with regard to “sitting is the new smoking”? I use one of those timer apps called “Stand Up!” at night when I’m most prone to sitting.

    1. 50 Minutes a day, 7 Days A week!! Man, I can’t wait to be retired!! Proud of you for crushin’ those walks in the brutal cold all week! Sitting is, indeed, the new smoking. The book talks about the lack of activity, and what it does to our bodies, a lot. Take the time to read it, I think you and Mr. G would get a lot out of it.

      Good luck with the Groovy Ranch project, lovin’ it! You probably need those walks to avoid killing each other, right? (Now THAT would going against the spirit of Younger Next Year!).

  6. Well I’m intrigued! I’m always looking for ways to optimize my health and don’t believe that you have to live out your “golden years” eating the senior special at Denny’s. I’ll check it out!

  7. Love it! Great post about this important topic. There is no wealth without health!

    If youth knew; if age could
    – Sigmund Freud

    I was always impressed how my great-grandaunt could live to more than a 100 years of age all by herself in the Swiss mountains and my grandma (94 years young) still drives her car all over Europe as of 2018 on her own. I’ve happily joined the Facebook Group Stay Young Next Year. Let’s stay ever-blooming perennials!

    1. Wow, you’ve got longevity in those bones, FI. Good you’re taking care of yourself. Perhaps youth knows….

      See you on Facebook!

      BTW, Perennials Unite (I love that “perennials” thing, I started a draft post on it last night. Don’t know if I’ll ever write it….I have ~50 ideas stuck in draft file…). Like it, tho!

  8. Motivating to say the least. I feel 20 years older this year, but am ready to reverse the clock. With 40 fast approaching it is time to get more flexible, more endurance, and more younger…I know that was not grammatically correct. The only problem is I got rid of facebook for now, so I will join you guys theoretically and look forward to seeing how you all do going forward in 2018!

    If we are ever together, I want to swim across a lake or other body of water with you!

    1. “More Younger”. Works for me.

      And yes, I’ll take you up on that swim. I suspect our paths will cross at some point, and I look forward to that. Good luck rebuilding your life after that horrible CA wildfire. Think of you often (and, gotta say, proud of you for killing FB. I still consider you a friend!).

  9. You’re killing me, Fritz! I love the concept but I think Facebook is the devil incarnate. Believe me, I’m on the team. I want to do 30 pull ups by the time I’m 60 (a four scant years away). I want to fly to South Africa and get in a shark cage when I’m 70. I want to walk the Camino de Santiago when I’m 80. But I just can’t join Facebook. Damn the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.”

    1. See my comment above to Dads Dollars Debt. Unlike him, I’m still proud of you, Mr. G. Especially when you quote Shakespeare’s Hamlet. You’re my new hero (just add a cold water swim to your list, and you’ll be my BFF)…..

  10. Your excitement is literally jumping out of the screen as I read this post! I just got back from a run and feel encouraged to go back out and keep running. I’ve added a new morning routine (after hearing about the book Miracle Morning and also listening to Mr.Groovy chat about how early he wakes up and what he does to start his day) and working out is one of the things I do. I don’t set a time limit, its more about just moving. Some days I am lifting weights, others I’ll do Insanity, or go for a run/hike, or just stretch and do gentle yoga. I am 15 days strong at the moment and feeling great!! I’m totally in #YNY

    1. You mean, I’m over-exuberant?

      Congrats for doing the early morning workout routine. Mr G is amazing! I don’t think I’ll ever reach that pinnacle, but early morning is a great time to get in a consistent workout before the day gets out of control. It sounds like you have a perfect plan!

      Go crush that Portland Half Marathon!!

  11. I’m with Mr. Groovy and Dads Dollars Debt. Love the idea of being younger in 2018, but I can’t bear the idea of getting back on Facebook. Life without it has been too blissful.

    Included in Chris Crowley and Henry Lodge’s seven rules to stop aging:

    #4 Spend less than you make.

    I like these guys.

    1. I like these guys, too. Thanks for stopping by!

      BTW, I admire folks who can walk away from Facebook. It can be problematic, but I feel the positive value of the social interaction can make it worth managing. I’ve decided to keep it, but I respect those who choose otherwise.

  12. Love anything to get people motivated! I’m thinking for this year: 2,018 – push-ups, pull-ups, lunges, squats, and bur-pees; 365 60-second planks; and 1,000 running miles. So far so good! Between the multitude of blogs, podcasts, and FB groups I follow, I’ll have to refrain from joining this one 🙂 2018 challenge will also be balancing consumption of all this amazing online material and information while creating more of my own! Definitely will be locked in to your blog in 2018! Love your enthusiasm!

    1. Wow, you’re a stud.

      Great way to mix in the aerobic and strength training. Killer goal. I’ve hit 1,000 annual miles several times, but I’ve slowed way down since then. Never was good at the strength training, working to improve that.

      Sorry you can’t join the group, but totally understand. You’re good at managing the conflicting priorities for your time. Well done. Thanks for your interest in my blog. “Locked in”!? Love it!

  13. Great concept. I felt years younger the day I retired! Things like my Blood pressure improved significantly too. Most days we do 80 minute walks, except on those days when it is too icy to be sensible! (A broken leg is not on my list)
    For me this year, it is shift some weight and keep up the walking. I want to pick up swimming again (but in a nice warm pool!)
    Think I’ll skip the FB – I already spend too much time on the PC / social media with the blog… I will read the book though.

  14. I would like to a year younger every year but the powers of physiology, biochemistry on top of genetics makes it rather tricky to win that scientific battle.

    Still, the two kids keeps me young, especially when I am chasing them down the white stuff and on their tail as they disappear into the distance on a steep hike.

    Remember always – it takes a long time to become young…..

  15. Thanks for sharing this Fritz!

    I am also a BIG believer in not waiting until New Year’s to make changes in your life. The most successful individuals are constantly improving themselves all 365 days of the year. I currently do this by reading at least 30 minutes a day and also committing 1 hour/night on learning coding.

    I also love the books message that “45 minutes of moderate exercise 6 days a week” can drastically improve your overall health and the way you feel. I don’t think I could do all the work I do if I didn’t take care of my body through eating and exercising. I would crash and burn quickly if I didn’t.

    Thanks for the share!

  16. Fritz,

    Financial fitness and physical fitness go hand in hand – they both require discipline to put in effort or sacrifice today, to reap benefits in the future.
    I turned 63 the day of this post , I have been a serious cyclist for over 45 years – I read Younger Next Year 5 years ago, and I have passed the YNY book along to many friends/ co-workers . Fitness has always just worked for me – what the YNY book did was clearly explain and confirm why exercise increases the length and quality of our lives.

  17. Good luck! I’ll put the book on my list.
    My goal is to exercise 5 days/week.That works better for my schedule while school is in session. Summer is really tough because the kid is out of school. I need to come up with a better plan for that.

    1. Joe!! Honored to have you stop by my site! While the kids may be a handful, especially during the summer, never forget how fortunate you are to be home with them as a retired Dad!! I have images in my head of you pulling a wagon around your neighborhood for 90 minutes a day! Love your blog, thanks for stopping by!

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